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    Drum Bum is the world's only "Drums Gift Shop". Our popular site features 1000's of unique
    gift and accessory items for drummers and even gift for all musicians.
    Additionally, we offer tons of industry links, lessons, tips, give away a Free T-shirt twice a month! ~ Thanks for visiting!

     Our DRUM LESSONS hub is the largest of its kind on the web and
    currently holds links to 1000's of free Drum Lessons! Players and music educators
    worldwide frequent this valuable resource to assist with instruction and lesson planning.

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    Drum Bum, Inc.
    3817 Gaskins Rd.
    Richmond, VA 23233
    President: Mike Donovan
    Phone: 804 273-1353
    Fax: 804 273-6003
    Ordering: 1 800 DRUM BUM
    Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

    Website: www.drumbum.com
    E-mail: mail@drumbum.com
    Lesson Database: www.drumsdatabase.com

    DrumTips Database: www.drumtips.com

    A member of the Drumming.com network.

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    BuyGifts.com - Unique gifts for everyone.
    - Chat about Drums.

    • *Ranked Yahoo's  #1 "Most Popular" Drums and Percussion Shopping Site!

    • Feb. 2014 - Boy Scouts order from DB
    • Aug 2013 - Deckers orders from DB
    • Aug. 2012 DB sells to Old Navy
    • Apr. 2012 In Living Color orders from DB
    • Mar. 2011 DB sells to Covert Affairs
    • Jan. 2011 Superbowl XLV orders from DB
    • Dec. 2010 Modern Family buys from DB
    • Oct. 2009 Live Nation buys from DB.
    • Aug. 2008 Drummies Best Web Site RU.
    • Oct. 2007 Blue Man Group orders
    • Jan. 2006 Product in Final Destination 3
    • Feb. 2005 Product, cover DRUM! Magazine
    • Sep 2004 Featured in "Modern Drummer"
    • Feb 2003 Feature / "Family Fun" Magazine
    • Mar 2002 Feature / Wall Street Journal

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    • Number of years in Business: 17
    • Business License Number: 18601923
    • City/State of License: Richmond, VA
    • Tax ID Number: 200988908
    • Toll Free: 1 800 DRUM BUM
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    is a proud sponsor of the infamous, Tony Royster Jr.

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    ** We now have Music Clothing and Musical Gifts for Other Instruments too! **

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