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     *These are real letters folks. We don't make this stuff up. I promise!
    We've worked hard to earn a reputation for outstanding customer service and fast shipping.
    Additionally, drummers worldwide have always appreciated the time we put
    into our drum lessons database and the educational drumming areas of our site.

     "This is an amazing site. I've been looking around for various fun items that had "anything with/to do with drums" for my growing collection, and this is the first place I've seen with such a huge selection and variety! I'm tellin ya, it's like I'm in a drummer's candystore! It's awesome! Keep up the great work! God bless and much success to ya DrumBum. - Ella Yanga

    *** Awards and Accolades ***

     "This is a great all around site for drummers/percussionists. I am the drum set instructor for Jazz Studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, and I refer all my students to DRUM BUM so they can get as many ideas, and information as they can to become better "musicians". I love learning all things about drumming, and DRUM BUM has given me another reference to do so. Thanks for making DRUM BUM available to us all. - Jimmy Ryan

    "I just wanted to write to tell you that I was very impressed by your service. The package has arrived safe and sound with everything wrapped very nicely. I must admit I'm still a little leary ordering through the internet, but was very impressed with your service and the products received. I haven't opened the t-shirts yet as I want to leave them in their packages for my husband's birthday" - Name requested not to be given. - Canada

    "This site rocks, and the orders are quick. I ordered and receive my products in about 36 hours!!!!! I am amazed on how fast and how well the service really is. My students love the site, and have ordered already. Thanks for giving me and my kids the opportunity to show off even more being drummers." - William R. Eller, Riverside High School Drumline Instructor

    Absolutely wonderful service, ordered T shirts and stickers on Tuesday 13th August, they arrived the next Friday morning, and I wore one Saturday night at my birthday BBQ!!
    Say what you may, but when you think Drum Bum is in Virginia USA and I live in Wales UK, then you can appreciate how effective Drum Bum, the USA Postal Service and the Royal Mail were. Cheers ! -

    "Just got my order today, Monday and I only ordered it on Friday! You guys
    super speedy! The merchandise looks great, now all I need is the will power to wrap it and not give it to him until Christmas. Thanks so much.."
    - Nancy Adams

    "Your website is excellent. I'm a novice and I really enjoyed looking at the lessons section of the website. I hope you plan to add more lessons over time. Keep up the good work." - Tapas Pain

    "Hi All; My name is Diana Jourdan , from NH. Recently I ordered several items from your site. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the speediness of delivery you have!
    WOW! I normally order very similar things and products from *$@&$, However; I am going to check with your stuff first in the future. Some of your items are the same -and a bit more $$- but worth the extra simply for the expedience of service. Thank you so much. Great job."
       - Diana J.

    ***  Gifts For Drummers!  ***

    ... wait, there's more! Smile for Drums

    Personalized Drumsticks

    Quick Comments        

    "My thanks for sending my order so quickly. Can't find that kind of service anymore. I do appreciate you." - Martha J. Wafer

    "This is a GREAT site! Thanks for taking the many HOURS to represent such FINE work!" - Tammy Happe

    "Love your site. Love your stuff. I will be turning many fellow drummers on to it very soon!" - Dave Pickett

    "Without question, you're the best thing on the web for drummers, and drum instructors like me. Thanks Drum Bum! " - Mark Freeman

    "I love your web site. You have a lot of drum related items at very reasonable prices." - Chris Happe

    "This site is great! Thank you so much for a chance to win a great t-shirt..FREE!!" - Danielle Belanger

    "I've been using this web site and I find to be very informative and inspiring." - Carlo Marinozzi

    "Your sites mad cool thanx for all the tips and advice on my learning the drums" - Zane

    "I love your site. I come here all the time just to look at stuff." - Cristy Alexander

    "i love ur site guys! u guys kick ass dont stop with this site ever!" - Josh Yamamonto


    "Dig the sight, it's a big help when teaching students." - Simon Wale

    "This is mainly for my brother.. who's no doubt a drumming bum.. I play the French Horn :)! I just wanna get him some cool drum merch." - Alisha Collinsworth

    "A Superb Site!..I've become a much better drummer after following the exercises and tips from this site.." - Arun

    "The site is really useful. I have just started teaching drums myself and use this site regularly to keep up to date with new styles of drumming and all the other great stuff. Keep up the good work! " - Dan

    "I love this website! I use it whenever I need to know anything percussion related." - Ricky Furr

    "This site is awesome and I hope to buy products from you soon!" - Nikolle

    "I really like your website it's fun and very interesting, you can find cool gifts for everyone." - Robert Villanova

    "Drum Bum is the best site I've ever come across on the web, Well done." - Mark D'Amico


    "I love this site because it has everything I need to know about drums." - Ryan

    "I really love your website. I am sort of new to drumming and I find your links very helpful. Thank you very much for having such a kewl website. I like being able to learn things on my own and then going to show my drum teacher. He gets very proud of me :) Well thanks again." - Jamie Michalek

    "Ya'lls site has really improved my drumming...Thanks" - Keaton Wicker

    "I am a 53 year old mom in my first year of drum lessons. I just sold my acoustic drum kit and am making payments on my Yamaha electronic kit. My drum teacher turned me on to your site...cool!" - Denise Teeters

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