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    Housewares and Drum Furniture
    Gifts for Drummers' Homes
    music instrument coasters Metal Drummer Creature Decorative Drumset Fan Blue Drums Chime
    Marble Jazz Instruments Coasters
    Instrument Coasters
    Metal Drummer Creature
    Garden Drummer
    Drumstick Drink Stirrers
    Drumstick Drink Stirrer
    Decorative Drumset Fan
    Drum Fan
    Blue Drums Chime
    Drum Windchime
    Snare Drum Night Light snare drum picture frame drum lamp
    Drums Plant Stake - Red
    hidden treasure drum kit
    Snare Drum
    Night Light
    Drum Nightlight
    Silver Snare Drum Picture Frame
    Drumset Frame
    Drums Lamp
    Drum Lamp
    Drums Plant Stake - Red
    Drummer Houseware
    Hidden Treasures Drum Kit
    Drum Trinket Box
    drummer night light Drum Houseware Drum Ice Bucket drumset picture frame 27th Lancers Bottle Insulator
    Skeleton Drummer Night Light
    Drum Nightlight
    Drum Planter
    Drum Planter
    Drum Ice Bucket
    Drum Ice Bucket
    Drum Set Band Picture Frame
    Drumset Picture Frame
    27th Lancers Bottle Insulator
    Drummer Koozie
    Drum and peace sign chimes drumstick chopsticks Drum Houseware drummer mixing spoons drummer barstools
    Chimes - Drums and Peace Sign
    Drummer Wind Chime
    Drumstick Chopsticks
    Drumstick Chopsticks
    Cymbal & Stick
    Light Switch Cover
    Cymbal Light Cover
    Mixing Spoons

    Mix Stix Spoons
    30" Zildjian Bar Stool
    Drumsmer Barstool
    drumline picture frame timpani salt and pepper shaker set snare drum candle holder drumset toilet seats timpani tin
    Drumline Band Picture Frame
    Drumline Picture Frame
    Timpani Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
    Timpani Housewares
    Snare Drum Candle Holder
    Drummer Houseware
    Drumset Toilet Seat
    Drumset Toilet Seat
    Timpani Metal Tin - Blue
    Percussion Tin
    Drum Houseware drum wall hooks drummer blanket drumset wall decal Soundoff Drum Mutes - Fusion
    Drum Box
    Drum Box
    Blue Drumset
    Wall Hook

    Drum Wall Hook
    Drum Gear
    Fleece Blanket

    Drum Fleece Blanket
    Personalized DrumSet Wall Decal
    Drum Wall Decal 
    Drum Set
    Drum Thermometer
    Drum Houseware Drums Coasters Drum Houseware drum tin Marching Drummer - Hinged Box
    Drum Cookie
    Drum Cookie Cutter
    Drink Coozie
    Drum Drink Coozie
    Glass Drum
    Drum Table
    Marching Drummers Metal Tin - White
    Drum Tin
    Marching Drummer
    Hinged Box

    Drummer Box
    Drums Coasters drumset tin Drumset Mug Metal Drum - Eagle mallets picture frame
    Drum with
    Sticks Coasters
    Drum Coasters
    Drumset Metal Tin - Red
    Drumset Tin
    Drum Set

    Drumset Mug
    Metal Drum
    - Eagle

    Metal Drum
    Mallets Band Picture Frame
    Mallets Picture Frame
    drummer tin Frog Drummer Toilet Seat  Toca Conga Salt and Pepper Shakers Drum Stacking Boxes Wine Holder Sculpture - Drummer
    Snare Drum Metal Tin - Orange
    Drummer Tin
    Frog Drummer
    Toilet Seat

    Drummer Toilet Seat
    Conga Salt &
    Pepper Shakers

    Toca Conga Shakers
    Drum Stacking
    Drum Boxes
    Wine Holder

    Drums Wine Holder
    Frog Drummer Paper Towel Holder drummer tumbler Colorful Drumset Coasters pillow case Bongos Picture Frame
    Frog Drummer
    Paper Towel Holder

    Drum Towel Holder
    Drum Gear

    Drummer Tumbler
    Colorful Drumset
    Drumset Coasters
    Pillow Case

    Zildjian Pillow Case
    Picture Frame

    Bongo Picture Frame
    Frog Drummer Chalkboard Zodiac Gong Drum Fleece Blanket Drum Houseware Frog Drummer Napkin/Letter Holder
    Frog Drummer

    Drummer Chalkboard
    Zodiac Gong
    Zodiac Desk Gong
    Drum Fleece
    Drum Blanket
    Night Light
    Drumset Night Light
    Frog Drummer Napkin/Letter Holder
    Drum Napkin Holder

    See All Housewares

    Looking for a great housewarming present for your favorite drummer?  Or are you ready to deck out your home with unique drummer house wares?  Then Drum Bum is the place for you! We have tons of drummer gifts for the home. Let’s start with the kitchen: we have music note ice trays, drumstick mixing spoons, drumstick chopsticks, timpani salt and pepper shakers, a cool drum cookie cutter, and more.  How about the living room you ask? Drum Bum has snare drum candle holders, snare drum picture frames, drum set switch plates, drum coffee tables and even drum set lamps.  Think we forgot the bathroom? No way, we have a frog drummer toilet seat, as well as a drumset toilet seat and even related music soap holders, toothbrush holders and shower curtains.  For the bedroom we have Zildjian pillow cases (the most famous cymbal company in the world), drumset nightlights, lamps for your bed side table, and drumset blankets. And finally, Drum Bum can’t let you forget the outside of your home. We have drum chimes, a drums plant stake, plant holder, a metal drummer creature ornament, great for your garden, and a drumset thermometer. If you need something else and can’t find it, please call us at 1-800-DRUM and we will help you drum up some ideas. When it comes to needing percussion gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas or any special event, we’re the experts!

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