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    Beginner Drumset - Percussion Plus
    A great price for a "complete" Beginner Drum Set

    Enforcer - 5 piece beginner drumset

    A terrific bargain at only $295.00!


    * Beginners Drumset Industry Award for Excellence
    - 16" x 22" (16 lug) Bass Drum
    - 16" x 16" (12 lug) Floor Tom
    - 12" Deep Power Tom (12 lug)
    - 13" Deep Power Tom (12 lug)
    - 5.5" x 14" (6 lug) chrome Snare
    - Double-braced hardware          *FREE DRUMSTICKS & KEY w/ purchase
    - (2) 14" Hi-Hat cymbals
    - 16" Crash Ride Cymbal
    - REMO clear drumheads with black front head
    - Drum Throne (seat)
    - Heavy duty single spring chain drive bass pedal


        Drumset Review
    Enforcer - 5 piece beginner drumset

    The Percussion Plus Beginner Drumset
    Parents are often looking for a reasonably priced starter drumset for their son or daughter. They don't want to spend $500 or $600 for a nicer set until they see how committed their child is to practicing and whether or not they will stick to it.

    Drum Bum has searched the market and found what we think is a great beginners drumset at a terrific bargain. The "Percussion Plus" beginner drumset has garnered much praise in the industry and recently won an award for excellence. This in and of itself says something. It means that the music industry felt that this was a well-constructed drumset and a good value for the money.

    The shells are made of multi-ply hardwoods. Available colors are Black, Metallic Wine Red, Metallic Red, Steel Grey, Metallic Smoky Silver, Midnight Blue, Bronze, Metallic Sea Green, and Brushed Red (new colors!). The sizes are generous and the toms are "power toms" meaning they have a deeper sound in drumsets preferred by young drummers today. Additionally, all the drums come equipped with quality drumheads.

    The hardware (metal stands) is all double braced. This helps the stands stay upright when played relatively hard and renders them more durable in the long run.

    The cymbals leave a bit to be desired but this is typical for lower priced starter drumsets. Better cymbals would drive the price up another $300 or more. The student can always upgrade to better cymbals at a later date.

    Extra Features that are not always included on a beginner drumset in this price range include:
    - 12 lugs on each of the mounted toms (this provides for more flexibility in tuning)
    - A 16" bass drum (as opposed to 14").
    - Adjustable telescoping bass drum legs that allow for greater positioning.
    - A steel snare drum (as opposed to wood) that offers more flexibility in tone.

    - Quality REMO clear drumheads.
    - Cymbals and throne included! (Not often included with a drumset priced this low).

    We hope this review on beginner drumsets has been helpful. If you have any other questions about this particular beginner drumset or any of our products, please call us at 1 800 DRUM BUM (378-6286) and we'll happily assist.

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