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    5 Biggest Drummer Mistakes
    Drum Lessons

    We practice hard and dream of being great. But sometimes there are things
    that get in the way of progress. Here are the top 5 biggest drummer mistakes.


    Over-Playing: I know, you've heard it before. But we need to keep hearing it until we realize that the music comes first. It's fine to be a creative drummer but learn to play for the song before you play for yourself. Your band will thank you. The music will thank you.

    Bad Time: Time can be elusive when you're playing with many musicians but we still have a responsibility to get it as close to "right" as we can. Spend time working with a metronome as well as drumless tracks and improve your overall sense of time.

    Not being versatile enough: OK, so you've finally mastered blast beats and playing metal music at 208 bpm, but do you know any other styles? The players that tend to work the most are those that are the most versatile. They can play a metal gig and then turn right around and play a blues gig the following night.

    Being unreliable: This is a big one! You can be the greatest drummer in your city but if you have a reputation for being unreliable, you're not going to get called to do the gigs. Be a team player. Make the practices and show up on time for all your gigs. Learn the songs and know your parts. Let your band know they can rely on you.

    Personality Disorder: Nobody wants to play with a jerk. Sure, you might be a monster on your instrument but if you've got a narcissistic personality, your band mates are going to grow tired of it sooner than later. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and check your ego at the door.

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