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    Cleaning Drums
    Drum Cleaning Tips  

    Enjoy these tips on cleaning your drums
    Yes, you should clean your drums from time to time! - Duh!  

    •  To fully clean your drums you should start by disassembling a drum. Take the heads off and unscrew the tension rods, but leave the lug casings on the drums as that would be too much time and trouble. Put the tension rods washers, and any other small parts in a small container off to the side so they don't get lost in the shuffle.
    •  Use a soft cloth to wipe down the drum shells. If you have a covering on your drums, use warm water or Windex. If your drums have a wood finish you can sparingly use a furniture polish like Pledge. If you do use a commercial cleaner, spray it on your rag, not the drums themselves.
    •  Dust the inside of your drums also. Lint can build up in there and it needs to be removed.
    •  To clean around the lug casings and the snare mechanisms on your drums, use a Q-tip.
    •  For all chrome stands, rims, and parts, use a chrome polish. This is made to bring out the luster of chrome and will really set off your drums, especially as the spotlights reflect off of them.
    •  Rather than waiting to clean your drums when they get filthy, dust them once a week to keep dirt and grime from building up.
    •  Smoke and dust are the leading causes of grime build-up. Invest in a drum cover or simply drape a sheet over your drums when they will be sitting for long periods of time exposed. Otherwise, keep them in the cases when you're not playing.

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    If you have another idea for cleaning drums,
    give us a holler and we'll add it to the list.

    We hope you've enjoyed these tips on cleaning drums.
    There's more to come on cleaning cymbals. Stay tuned!

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