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    An important matter was brought to the Attention of DRUM BUM regarding the Free Drum Classifieds service that we offer that we found imperative to share. Apparently, some people responding to Ads on this site have been posing as Americans in order to perpetrate the old "Nigerian" check scam. Here is the Email that we received on the matter:

    "Please warn your classified listers about fake potential buyers of drums. I have received numerous people posing to be from California or NY who are actually from Turkey. I tracked their IP address down to Izmir, Turkey. They say that they will send you a cashiers check and have you send back the excess, etc.

    Warn everyone."

    So please be advised not to respond to these people. You should never agree to cash any check or money order for someone else period. Even if they offer you a portion of the amount. The check / money order is fake and if you cash it at your bank and then withdrawal any amount of the money, you will be responsible to pay that money back to your bank. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. Again a reminder, that you should only deal with people in the US. Also, do not agree to ship anything overseas for someone.

    Thank You,

    Sell your drums or drum gear ...or buy drums through the Drum Classifieds at Drum Bum!

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    Disclaimer: Drum Bum, Inc. will not be responsible for any transactions involving postings
    in our drum classifieds. Please use extreme caution while doing business with 3rd parties.
    We hold
    the right to edit, refuse or terminate any ad under any circumstances.

    *Due to the ever-increasing amount of fraud with international
    parties, we recommend that transactions take place in the USA only.

    It's FREE! - Drum Classifieds

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    Brands listed in the Drum Classifieds since September 2007 include Pearl Drums,
    Tama Drums, Alesis (D4), Peace Drums, Rogers Drums, Pacific (DW) Drums,
    Hayman Drums, Pork Pie, Slingerland Radio King, Mapex Drumsets, Starion,
    Zildjian Cymbals, Sabian Cymbals, Gretsch Drums, Yamaha Drums, Legend
    Drums, Ludwig Drumsets, Roland electronic, Hayman, and Premier.


    Classifieds to date have included:

    Drummers Wanted or Available Looking for a Band Lessons Wanted
    Teachers wanted or Available Musicians Available Snare Drums Wanted/For Sale
    Drum Cases for Sale Double Bass Drum Pedals Drum Circle Announcements
    Marching Drums for Sale Percussion Instruments Drum Accessories for Sale
    Vintage Drums for Sale Percussion for Sale Drum Clinics / Schedules


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