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    Drums: Live Clips
    Drum Solos, Free Drum Videos, and more

    Click below for the most recent free Drum Videos.


    Drum Solos
    Drummer Solos
    Drum Solos
    drum solos

    Enjoy these live drum videos, drum solos, and drum clips. Tons of drum lessons videos! Some are slow to download so please be patient.
    (Formats include .mpg, .mov, .wmv, .asx, and .mp3)

    #1: Drum Solo - Amazing!  - An incredible drum solo from Tony Royster Jr. who was only 11 years old at the time. See this and more amazing free drum solos and videos from Tony Royster Jr. at TonyRoysterJr. com. (Authorized use - do not duplicate or use without permission.)

    #2: Free Video Trailers of some of the hottest drummers in the industry and their awesome drum solos. Check out Mike Portnoy, Terry Bozzio, Chad Wackerman, Mike Mangini, Steve Smith, Jeff Hamilton, and Jimmy Chamberlain on the Drum Pad's 20th anniversary DVD.

    Drummer DVDs

    #3: Drum Solo Infectious Grooves - Can you say "WOW"? Keith Carlock (Sting, Steely Dan, Wayne Krantz, Leni Stern) blows us away with deep grooves and amazing chops! See more live clips, drum solo, and drum videos of Keith's incredible drumming at KeithCarlock.com.

    #4: Drum Solos! - Two cool, awesome, incredible, improvisational drum solos (did we say they were good?) by rock drumming wizard, Randy Van Patten. And if you want to steal some of Randy's awesome drum solo chops, visit his website and check out his new drum instructional DVD, Extreme Drumming Techniques. This is a "don't miss"!  drums

    #5: Double Bass Drums ...cool drum crossovers, and more drum solos. He's fast! - I believe he's got batteries in his feet! This impressive young drummer is none other than Evan Esposito.

    #6: Drum Solo / Practicing - His hands, facial expression, and posture remind you of Buddy.
    Art Verdi lets us peek into his practice room as he demonstrates "fast" rudimental soloing and amazing stick control. Among other things, Art incorporates Moeller-like technique and impressive hand to foot singles. See many more drum clips and solos from pro drummer/educator, Art Verdi at ArtVerdi.com.

    Drum Bum

    #7: Drum Lessons...solos, lessons on shuffles, grooves, drum rudiments, the Moeller method, and more free drum videos from Danny Britt, Terry Silverlight (John Patitucci, Natalie Merchant, etc.), and legend, Jeff Indyke. Special thanks to Danny Britt for his fine work in the drumming community.

    #8: Joey Jordinson Drum Solo...Live and in concert. Double bass, lots of lights, elevating stage.

    #9: More Drum Solos...Buy books and dvds that feature drum solos!


    More Free Drum Solos

    For more free drum lessons, videos, drum tabs, drum tips, free drum solos, and free
    drum videos, visit our Drum Lessons Database at http://www.drumbum.com/lessons.


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    Gifts for Drummers at DRUM BUM!

    Drum T-shirts

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    Find DRUM TABS! - 100's drumtabs! - at the Drum Tabs Database!

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    You'll find everything about drums at Drum Bum! - Awesome Drum Lessons Videos.

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