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    Drum Bum of the Year

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we present... M'liss
    Every now and then we stumble upon a "true" Drum Bum! M'liss has been in touch with us several times.
    She's not just a regular customer but she was previously the grand prize winner of one of our drum contests.

    Meet Spiffy Zippy the Drum Bug!

    Spiffy Zippy made me smile. I LOVE IT! - This is more than a love bug, it's a "drum bug"! Recognize any of the stickers? How about the magnets and postcards on the glove department? Yep... that's us! We're proud to be a part of M'liss's drumming world as she bears the very essence of what started this company, the incredible passion for all things drums, drummers and drumming. M'liss, we're proud that you're a Drum Bum and part of our drumming family.

    Find all things DRUMS at DRUM BUM

    M'liss tells us that this is a 1970 VW Beetle, "Zippy the Wonder Bug", and is "...all decked out in stuff I got from DRUMBUM." She says that "Things you probably can't see in the photos are the 3 Smurf marching drummers on my dash, the Smurf drum kit drummer and the metal Panda drummer in my back window on a shelf." She even told us "I've got a place saved for a DRUMBUM sticker on the left back apron." Now that's a passionate drummer!

    M'liss also told us, "I send my mom... in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio to DRUMBUM each Christmas to shop for my gifts. Everyone who knows me, knows I'm all about the drums!" And if that statement alone doesn't convince you of her passion for drumming, she signs off on all her e-mails like this:


    You would think that M'liss's passion for drumming was the main thing that impressed us. You may be surprised to learn that we're even more impressed with her attention to God and spirituality. A visit to her website will show you how she cares for others and seeks to live her life. And anyone that knows us through our websites and newsletters knows that we share the same values and promote positivity and good morals as much as possible.

    This wasn't any contest per se but we're sending M'liss a special package with many products in it to show her how much we appreciate her. Congrats M'liss, you're our DRUM BUM OF THE YEAR!


    Visit M'liss at her websites: www.myspace.com/mliss_productions or www.myspace.com/microbluepdx

    Stay tuned. We will be featuring some of M'liss's drum-related artwork on our site very soon.

    Editor's Note: If you feel that you are the epitomy of a Drum Bum, write us and tell us your story. Pics are helpful
    but not necessary. Thanks to all of you that have supported our company through the years. - Mike Donovan

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