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    How to Buy a Drumset
    - Buying New Drums or Used Drums

    This drumset buying guide will offer hints, tips, and advice on buying drumsets.


    A standard 5 piece drumset looks like this.
    5 pieces means 5 individual drums. So even without the stands and cymbals, this would be considered a 5 piece drumset. Keep this in mind when buying new or used drums or drumsets.
    *Used drums may be cheaper but you must know what you're buying.
    Drums Cymbals
    A - Bass Drum E - One Ride (or Crash/Ride)
    B -  Snare Drum L - One crash (optional)
    F & G - Tom-Toms (or Toms) C - Two Hi-Hat Cymbals
    H - Floor Tom -
           Stands / Accessories   (the "hardware")
    M - Snare Stand
    I - Cymbal Stand - make sure they have wing nuts for the tops (not shown)
    D - Foot Pedal for Bass Drum
    J -  Hi Hat Stand for Hi Hat cymbals
    K - Hi Hat Clutch to hold top Hi Hat Cymbal
    N - Mount for tom(s) to be mounted on Bass Drum
    O - Throne or Seat (Optional: A chair may be used although it limits adjustability)
    H - Legs for the Floor Tom (if applicable, sometimes they're mounted on a stand)
    Drum Key (for tuning) - Not shown


    When buying a drumset online, stay with a reputable company that is known
    to back up their merchandise. Use only those with a 100% guarantee on your purchase.
    It's common to go with lower line cymbals for the sake of affordability.
    Brand name cymbals (such as Zildjian and Sabian) can often be very expensive.
    Cymbal "packs" (in groups of 2 to 4) are a good inexpensive
    way to purchase starter cymbals (even with brand names). You can always upgrade later.

    Drum Types

    Brand Names Off-Brand Names
    Pearl Remo Percussion Plus
    Tama Gretsch Sunlite
    Yamaha Mapex Thor
    DW Slingerland CB / CB700
    Ayotte Ludwig TKO
    Gretsch Sonor Adams
    Premier Noble and Cooley Royce
    Rogers Taye Pulse
    Peavey Pacific Maxwin
    Ayotte GMS Starion

    *There are more name brand drumsets here.
    We will not attempt to list all of the off-brand drumsets at this time.

    Cymbal Types

    Brand Names Off-Brand Names
    Zildjian Camber
    Sabian Solar
    Paiste CB
    Meinl Zilco
    Bosphorus Stagg
    Ufip -

    Notes on buying "Used" Drums

    Make sure both top and bottom heads are on the drums.
    Make sure none of the tuning lugs on the drums are missing.
    Make sure the laminate or exterior drum finish is in good condition
    Hardware should appear relatively sturdy and all locking mechanisms secure.
    Drumheads should be in relatively good shape.
    (It's expensive to replace them all at once).
    You're often safer buying from an older player that takes
    better care of his equipment.
    When buying used drums, it is often safer to go with name brands
    for the purpose of reliability and re-sale value.
    Like buying a used car, you often get more for your money with a used drumkit.

    Try to take an experienced drummer with you to check out a used drumset.

    Trust your gut instinct. If it doesn't "feel" right, it probably isn't.

    Are you asking yourself, "What drumset should I buy?" We hope you find this drumset buying guide helpful. Although, DRUM BUM is more of a "gift shop" specializing in drum novelties, we do carry a few kid's drumsets and entry level drumsets for beginners (perfect for teenagers just starting out). Use common sense in choosing the best drumset. Do your homework! We hope you found our hints, advice, and buying tips helpful for buying used drums.

    Be sure to check out our new DRUM CLASSIFIEDS section where
    you can find new or used drums and drumset accessories.

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