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    Rudiments on Drums

    For a great exercise in control, practice switching the accents to each successive note.
    The parenthesis denotes an accented note.

    (R) L R R - (L) R L L

    R (L) R R - L (R) L L

    R L (R) R - L R (L) L

    R L R (R) - L R L (L)

    Be sure that there is a distinct difference between loud and soft notes. Keep them clean
    and even. Remember that proper execution is always more important than speed.


    Play the following sticking on the hi-hat: RLRRLL, RLRRLL (This is a paradiddle-diddle)

    Put the bass drum on the first note of the first grouping and the snare on the first note of the second grouping (there will not be a HH on that note).

    This pattern creates a 16th note triplet groove that sounds great intermittently inserted over a straight eighth feel.


    A terrific exercise:
    This version of "WIPEOUT" incorporates single, double, and triple paradiddles.

    Repeat over and over until you build up your speed. This is
    a great exercise for hand to hand control.

    R l r r, L r l l, R l r l r l r r, L r l r l l, R l r l r r, L r l l
    (Capital letters are Accented notes)

    *For more on rudiments and other drum lessons and tabs, visit our Lesson Database: http://www.drumbum.com/lessons

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