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    Drumset Comparisons: Kids Drumsets, Child Drum Sets, and Junior Drumsets for Kids!

    Drumset Comparison Chart

    A quick drumset guide to help you with your purchase.

    Kids Drumset - Junior Drums, Drumset
    Bridgecraft Drum Set - 12"
    Bridgecraft Drum Set - 16"
    DS-1  $79.95
    DS- 30  $86.00
    DS- 31  $109.00
    Kid's Toy Drumset - Ages 3 to 6. On sale! A great deal for the money. Metal parts & tuneable lugs. Does not include a drum seat. - Kids Drumset
    Bridgecraft Kid's Drum Set - 12" Ages 3 to 6. This quality 3 piece drumset is designed like an adult drumset and available in 5 colors! - Kids Drumset *MOST POPULAR Bridgecraft Kid's Drum Set - 16" Ages 3 to 8. This small child drumset available in 5 great colors. The 3 piece drumset is designed to emulate an adult drumset but on a smaller scale - Kids Drumsets
    Bob Marley Play-Along Book/CDs
    electronic drumset
    DS- 7  $99.00
    TY-24  $49.95
    E-14  $39.95
    Blue Flames First Act Drums- Ages 6 to 9. A unique 3 piece junior size drumkit. Features an eye-catching blue flames design. Includes a drum seat. - Childs Drum Set
    Childs Toy Drumset -
    Ages 3 and up. A unique multi-functional child's instrument which will have young children drumming away. - Childs Toy Drum
    Electronic Drumset -
    Play with 26 different drum sets sounds for all kinds of musical styles. There are even learning features to practice your rhythm and timing. - Kids Electronic Drum

    Kids Drumset
    DS-40  $149.95
    DS-41  $199.95
    DS-9  $251.90
    Kids Drumsets - Ages 3 to 5.
    This 3 piece drumset is built to resemble an adult drumset only smaller.also has real wood drum shells for added durability
    - Childs Drumset
    Kid's Drum Set - Ages 6 to 11.
    A great entry- level drum set. 5 great pieces including bass, tom tom and snare. - Kids Drumset
    Kid's Drumset - Ages 3 to 10. More pieces like a grown up kit including a hi-hat stand and floor tom. Sized smaller for young children. - Kids Drumset
    Junior Drumset
    5 piece Drumset - Starter Drumset
    5 piece Drumset Teen Drumset
    DS-50  $289.00
    DS-2  $295.00
    DS-51  $399.99
    Drumfire Junior Drum Set - Ages 8 and up. A junior-sized drum set with that's like a full-sized model, but scaled down.
    - Jr. Drumset
    Teen Drumset or Starter drumset - Ages 9 and up. the perfect starter drumset or entry-level drumset for young teens or young adults.
    - Beginner Drumset
    Drumfire Teen Drum Set -
    Ages 12 and up. Get a head start over other entry-level kitsl Drumset for young teens or young adults.
    - Teen Drumset

    Kids Drumset - Toy Drum Set for Child
    Kids Drumset - Toy Drum Set for Child
    DS-45  $299.99
    DS-25 $599.00
    DS-27 $1099.00
    ION Drum Rocker Drumset - Realistic drumming experience for gamers, that doubles as Electronic Beginner/Pro Level
    - Electronic Drumset
    Traps Drums - Shell Less Kit - An all-in-one portable drum set that sounds just like a regular drum set! Beginner/Pro Level.
    - Traps Drumset
    Traps Electronic Drums - Shell Less Kit - A two-in-one portable drumset that doubles as Electronic or Acoustic! Beginner/Pro Level.
    - Electronic Drumset

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    Miniature Drumsets

    Buying a drumset for your child can be difficult. Half of it is knowing who to trust.
    Drum Bum has been in business for 15 years now and we run our company by the Golden Rule.
    We wouldn't want the run around from companies so we don't intend to do that to our customers.
    If you need any assistance on child-size drumsets, please don't hesitate to call us.

    Call 1 800 Drum Bum for more information
    on kids drums, drumsets, and child drumkits.




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    - Secure online shopping cart backed by Verisign.
    - Drum Bum, Inc. is an established, reputable company of 15 years!
    - Most drumsets include a drum seat (also referred to as a "drum throne").

    *We are currently only shipping drumsets to the continental USA.


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    Since 1999, we have featured drums and percussion instruments for children of all ages.

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