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    Drumstick Spinology Book & DVD



    This Drumstick Spinology Book is Simply Amazing! Never before has learning to spin drumsticks been made so easy to learn. This is a must-have book for drummers everywhere that want to learn how to spin drumsticks!

    The first book ever written on twirling drumsticks comes with pages of pictures, diagrams, drum stick-spinning tricks and secrets designed to have you spinning drumsticks like a pro in no time. You can learn drumstick tricks from the book itself and then watch as the lessons on spinning drumsticks are demonstrated on the free DVD that is included. Author Steve Stockmal guides you on your journey to learn how to spin and twirl your drum sticks like a true pro. Check out the free sample stick spinning video below:

    Drumstick Spinology Video
    View a spinning clip from the DVD

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    Requires Windows Media Player

    THE 56 MINUTE DVD COMES FREE WITH THE BOOK - Drumstick Tricks and Tips!

    A unique and complete system for drumstick tricks and twirls!
    80 pages; 5 chapters: 15 Basic drumstick spins, 70 Variations of drumstick spinning, 22 Applications of spinning, plus 7 Combination forms for drumstick spinning and drumstick tricks, all on DVD!!
    Now featuring a new Drum-Line section plus Drum Stick Clicking!

    The Book: Drumstick Spinology is devoted to spinning drumsticks (or some would call twirling drumsticks). Drummers will now be able to add a variety of visual effects to spice up their live performances. See below for an overview of the Spinology book and DVD.

    The Drumstick Spinning DVD brings each spin to life with close up shots, slow motion, detailed explanations, and live playing examples of drumstick spinning at the drum set, showing you how to incorporate this knowledge into your playing! By the time you get through this body of work, you will have an extensive repertoire of drumstick spins and tricks to start putting your own show together.

    The techniques and twirl methods described within will not only give you the tools to develop spinning drumsticks, but will help you to expand your repertoire, create your own drum stick spins, tricks and twirls, and develop your style on the stage by adding stick tricks to your performance as a drummer and musician.

    -Steve Stockmal     

    Expert Reviews

    Modern Drummer "In Steve Stockmal’s 71-page treatise on stick spinning, he first creates a technical language (“fake grip", “A/Y position”), then launches into a hundred spin and flip variations. The book is well stocked with diagrams and photos showing the journey of the hand... There are valuable spins waiting here."
    The Book Reader "Stockmal is a veteran musician who has toured all over the world, and his take on spinology is that it can be methodically learned by almost anybody. This large-sized volume with plenty of drawings and photos, shows pertinent information about the hand, takes us through drum stick terminology, grip positions, etc. The DVD is of high quality and is an absolute hoot!!! All the precise directions of the book spring into living motion by an expert..."  

    Folks, this book is in fact "EXTRAORDINARY"! We're very excited to carry this revolutionary Drumstick Spinology Book in our store and can guarantee it will make an outstanding and very special gift for the drummer in your life. If you have any more questions on this product, please let us know. Call 1 800 DRUM BUM.

    - Mike Donovan (DRUM BUM.com)

    *BUY Drumstick Spinology Book & DVD


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