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    Riff Rocker Guitar Controller

    If you love playing the guitar, then you're going to love the Riff-Rocker! The Riff-Rocker Guitar Controler for the popular free USB Guitar Game "Frets on Fire" allows you to play guitar on your home computer or laptop! The Riff-Rocker plugs into any USB port and doesn't require any money or club to join. Just download "Frets on Fire" for free and hook-up the Riff-Rocker to start jammin' on the guitar like those other popular guitar games for a fraction of the price! Also, the Riff-Rocker comes with 5 custom game plate stickers, so you can personalize your Riff-Rocker the way you want it! You can also stay as up-to-date as possible by downloading the latest new songs and mods for the best "Frets on Fire" experience with your Riff-Rocker!



    Face Plate Stickers!

    Riff Rocker Guitar USA

    Riff Rocker Guitar Flames

    Riff Rocker Guitar Skull

    Riff Rocker Guitar Logo

    Riff Rocker Guitar British


    • Plug and Play! No Software to purchase. No club to join.
    • Works with any USB port.
    • Automatically connects to game web site.
    • Free online download of "Frets on Fire".
    • 5 cool custom face plate stickers included (see left).
    • Download new songs and mods.
    • Create your own songs with the game's built-in song editor.


    Riff-Rocker requires: Windows 2000, XP, or Vista; 128 MB of RAM; OpenGL Graphic card. For Windows, a Direct X compatible sound card is required. For Linux, an SDL compatible sound card is required with SDL library installed. For Mac, OSX 10.3 or higher is required.


    Q. What is Riff-Rocker?
    A. Riff-Rocker is the ultimate acessory to the open source game Frets on Fire.

    Q. Where can I get more songs?
    A. While the in-game songs are admittedly awesome, one does start craving for a little variety before long. Lucky for you there are a number of ways to get more tunes for the game:

    • Compose a new song with the game's built-in song editor. All you need is an OGG music file and some patience. There are some tools to help you out as well.
      Go out and buy Guitar Hero™ 1 or 2 and use the built-in importer to bring the songs into the game.
    • Check out the songs on community sites such as Keyboards on Fire, FretsOnFire.net, FOF.Spain, etc. Once you have a new song downloaded, just extract it under the data/songs folder.

    Q. Is my computer compatible?
    A. Yes! The Riff-Rocker guitar is compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
    If your computer can run Frets on Fire, you can use the Riff-Rocker!

    Q. What version of USB does the Riff-Rocker require?
    A. The Riff-Rocker will work with all versions of USB - 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0!

    Click To Purchase the Riff-Rocker USB Guitar Game Controller!

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