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    All Singer Gifts
    Singer Gifts
    Music Gifts for Singers / Vocalists
    (The colored tabs above are for drummer gifts only.)

    Singer Forkapelli
    Praise the Lord Ceramic Mug
    Metal Singing Frog
    american idol figurine
    vocals picture frame
    Singer Forkapelli
    Singer Figurine
    Praise the Lord Ceramic Mug
    Christian Mug
    Metal Singing Frog
    Guitar Figurine
    Still An American Idol Figurine
    Singer Figurine
    Vocals Band Picture Frame
    Singer Picture Frame
    musician art singer figurine microphone ornament singer figurine Personalized Karaoke Lounge Sign
    Mick Jagger Art Print
    Singer Art
    Classic Rock Skeleton Singer
    Singer Figurine
    Mic Christmas Ornament
    Microphone Ornaments
    Skeleton Singer Figurine
    Skeleton Singer
    Personalized Karaoke Lounge Sign
    Karaoke Sign
    mic earrings mic charm rapper figurine choir sign choir gifts
    Microphone Earrings
    Mic Earrings
    Small Microphone Charm
    Mic Charm
    Skeleton Rapper Figurine
    Rap Figurines
    Choir Parking Sign
    Choir Sign
    Christian Choir Lapel Pin
    Choir Gifts

    Rockstar Microphone Tumbler

    CHORUS T-Shirt - Singing Letters

    Pewter Microphone Keychain

    Silver Microphone Earrings

    Choir T-Shirt - Gear
    Rockstar Microphone Tumbler
    Microphone Tumbler
    CHORUS T-Shirt - Singing Letters
    Chorus T Shirt
    Pewter Microphone Keychain
    Microphone Keychain
    Silver Microphone Earrings
    Microphone Earrings
    Choir T-Shirt - Gear
    Choir T-Shirt

    Silver Microphone Charm

    microphone bracelet

    Silver Microphone Necklace

    singer art microphone cell phone charm
    Silver Microphone Charm
    Microphone Charm
    Microphone Charm Bracelet
    Mic Bracelet
    Silver Microphone Necklace
    Microphone Necklace
    Jim Morrison Art Print
    Singer Artwork
    Microphone Cell Phone Lariat
    Microphone Lariat

    Skeleton Singer Figurines

    Microphone Brooch

    Christmas Ornament – Microphone

    Brass Miniature Microphone Stand

    SING T-Shirt - Singing Letters

    Singer Figurine

    Singing Skeleton
    Microphone Brooch
    Microphone Broach
    Christmas Ornament – Microphone
    Microphone Ornament
    Brass Miniature Microphone Stand
    Mini Microphone Stand
    More Singer Gifts
    Coming Soon

    Music Gifts for all Musicians


    Whether it's a gift for Christmas, a birthday, or any holiday, your favorite singer or vocalist is going to love one of our unique gifts.  We have a Singer Forkapelli, literally made out of a fork, using a microphone made out of a spoon.  We also have jewelry featuring microphones, so you can show off your love of singing to everyone around you.  Drum Bum is the place to shop for great gifts like personalized signs, vocalist figurines, art prints of famous singers, and even Christmas ornaments shaped like microphones.  Give us a call at 1-800-Drum-Bum and we will help you find the perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift, or a gift for any holiday.

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    Over 2500 Music Gift Accessories and Things for Singers and Musicians

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