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  • Accessory Box for Drumset
  • Anti-Monkey Butt Powder
  • Attachable Music Stand
  • Bass Drum Guard/Mallet Holder
  • Bass Drum Stop
  • Brass Music Stand
  • Castiv iPad Holder
  • Clip-On Fan for Drums
  • Cool Drumsticks Holder
  • Crash 'N Flash Drummer Lights
  • Custom Molded Ear Plugs
  • Digital Drum Dial
  • Double Kick Pad - Bass Drum
  • Drink Holder - Swirly
  • Drink Holder Attachment
  • Drum Dial Drum Tuner
  • Drum Gear Drummer Towel
  • Drum Gear Earplugs
  • Drum Gear Multi-Tool
  • Drum Key with Clip
  • Drum Mat
  • Drum Mat Marker Pack
  • Drum Muffler - Bass Drum
  • Drum Rug - Leopard
  • Drum Rug - Leopard/Black
  • Drum Rug - Tiger
  • Drum Rug - Zebra
  • Drum Rug / Pad
  • Drum Seat Cover - Fleece
  • Drum Set Dust Cover
  • Drum Stick Display
  • Drum Stick Grips
  • Drum Tuning Dots
  • Drum Wallet Drum Muffler
  • Drumhead Display Case
  • DrumLite- Bass
  • DrumLite- Standard
  • Drummer Noise Reducers
  • Drummer's Wrench Multi-Tool
  • Drumstick Depot Stick Holder
  • Drumstick Display Case
  • Drumstick Tape - Colors
  • Drumsticks Display Rack
  • Drumsticks Earplug Case
  • Drumsticks Holder - SticPod
  • Drumsticks Holder - Swirly
  • Extreme Isolation Headphones
  • Firefly Drum Key
  • Four Drumstick Display Case
  • Gorilla Snot -Stick Grip
  • Hearos Earplugs
  • High Torque 1/4" Power Drive
  • iPod Mount
  • Jinglemute - Drumsticks
  • Junior Drum Throne
  • Magnetic Torque Key
  • MoonGel Damper Pad
  • Muffbone Bass Drum Muffler
  • MULTI CLAMP - Drums
  • Music Stand Gifts
  • Music Stand iPad Holder
  • Music Stand Light
  • Nylon Drink Holder
  • Nylon Stick Holder
  • Phat Foot Drums Harness
  • Pro Caddy Rax Drink Holder
  • Pro-Mark Tuning Ratchet
  • Quick Charge Flashlight
  • Quick Release Drum Key
  • Regency Music Stand
  • Rim Riser
  • Robokey - Drum Key
  • Rock N Roller Cart
  • Rubber Drum Bumpers
  • Sabian Drumhead Repair Kit
  • Sabian Drummer's Towel
  • Sex Wax For Drummers
  • Snare Drum Sling
  • Soundoff Drum Mutes
  • Soundoffs Fusion Drum Mutes
  • Spiral Music Stand
  • Stick Flip for Drums
  • Tune Bot
  • Tweek Drum Clip Key
  • Two Drumstick Display Case
  • Ultimate Drummer's Tool
  • Vater Drummer Earplugs
  • Vater Drumsticks Holder
  • Vic Firth Isolation Headphones
  • Vic Firth Kids Headphones
  • Wing Key Percussion Tool
  • Wood Music Stand
  • Wooden Drumstick Holder
  • Zildjian DrumKey - Tune Drums

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    Music Gifts
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    See our new Kid's Drum Set

    Crash 'N Flash Drummer Light Show


    Item #A-203
    Crash 'N Flash Drummer Light Show - Finally..., a professional lighting system designed for on cue lighting, controlled from the stage without cumbersome foot switches or complicated and finicky DMX controllers. The Crash 'N Flash Pro Drummer Light Show system provides an on cue, expressive, and affordable alternative to random and predictable pattern light shows. The Crash 'N Flash Pro Drummer lighting system is completely timed and executed by the drummer through cymbal crashes on acoustic or electronic drum sets, making for an instantaneous and seamless lighting show to punch-up your visual impact around your kit (we know it's all about the drummer anyway!) or whole band integrated lighting control (each system can power 1250 watts or as much as 4-300 watt par 56 cans!) The Crash N' Flash Pro Drummer lighting system puts you in control to never miss those expressive lighting cues again and makes your cymbal crashes visually "come alive" with a simultaneous explosion of LIGHT and sound! Drummers, "Don't Get Caught Playing in the DARK!"; ever again! Complement this with fog/haze and/or strobe lighting and the effect is truly outstanding. Now any band can have a concert-style choreographed light show at a fraction of the cost. This is the perfect lighting system to take your show to the next level. Couple the Crash 'N Flash Pro Drummer lighting system with LED lights for a vast amount of impressive lighting.

    The system was designed by a working drummer and professional stagehand for some of the biggest touring acts on the concert circuit. This lighting system has stood the "test of time" and can withstand the rigors of years of non-stop failure proof performances. Even for bands with a lighting director/designer, this is the perfect lighting complement, especially impressive on drum solos or the massive drum fills at the endings of songs. Mounting bracket comes in standard highly polished aluminum chrome-like finish (if you would like a black or gold finish please notate in the order comments). The Crash 'N Flash Pro Drummer Light Show system consists of a cymbal stand mountable switch/ bracket assembly that is activated when the drummer strikes the crash cymbal (specially designed non scratch/marring felt tipped activation wand), a power outlet box with direct and switched outlets, and all of the necessary cables and hardware. It even comes with a sturdy storage pouch. Simply plug in your lights and the show is ready to begin!

    "I have personally seen the prototypes in action and was really impressed. The Crash 'N Flash adds a cool dynamic to the lighting scheme of any performance. Having recorded a kit with these attached, I can honestly say that I detected no difference in the sound of the cymbals. Great product!"
    Bill Harrison, Omnitrax Recording Studio

    60 Day Manufacturer Warranty for Parts and Labor.

    Click for a VIDEO and more info on the Crash 'N Flash Drummer Light Show!

    The "Coolest" Drum Accessories for Drummers at DRUM BUM!

    This item will be drop-shipped from another location. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Shipping to Contiguous USA only.

    This item does not qualify for Flat Rate Shipping. Shipping & Handling costs will be $20.95 per item.



    Magnetic Drum Key


    Item #A-19
    Every once in a while, something really cool comes along for drummers that either saves them some time or adds a convenience to their craft - or both. This unique magnetic drum key is one of those products. For drummers that are often looking for their tuning key and having difficulty finding it, this is the solution! The magnetic key simply sticks to the side of your drum hoop or other nearby metal object such as a music stand, and it's always within reach.

    $9.95 $7.99 On Sale!



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