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    The Drum Wallet - Drum Muffler


    Item #A-218
    The Drum Wallet - Drum Muffler - An innovative twist on a classic tradition! The Drum Wallet is a drum muffler that controls the over-ring and overtones that can emanate from your drums as you play. Many famous drummers have used their wallets in live and/or studio applications by placing the wallet on the edge of the drum near the rim, sometimes open and hanging over the rim, or sometimes closed and resting against the rim. The mass of the wallet stops the head from vibrating as intensely after being struck. This action occurs due to the amount of surface area in contact with the drumhead among other physical factors. The Drum Wallet still allows for the initial attack to be true and unaffected, due to the split second that the wallet spends in mid-air away from the head because of the percussive wave of the initial drum stick stroke. However, faster than the eye can see, the wallet falls back to the head, thus canceling out any unwanted reverberations by dampening the head with its mass. The ingenious design of the Drum Wallet allows all of the functionality of a drummer's wallet embedded in absolute convenience and durability. The Drum Wallet can be applied to the majority of snare drums, major manufacturers and custom drums from six lug to ten lug designs. It allows the drummer to be able to apply and remove the muffler in less than 2 seconds! The Drum Wallet uses no adhesives and therefore can illicit a superior sound compared to the other products in the current marketplace.

    The Drum Wallet is placed on the drum, by threading the adjustable hook and loop fasteners through the tension rods between the drum rim and the lugs of the drum, so that the pocket of The Drum Wallet is up against the shell and lugs of the drum. In this position it is acting as a bumper to the mass of The Drum Wallet against the drum's finish during the removal process during or after a playing session. When the drummer wishes to apply The Drum Wallet, they simply run their stick into the pocket that lay in between the drum and The Drum Wallet and use their stick to flip it up onto the drum head, and into playing position. When the drummer wishes to remove it, they simply place their stick back in the pocket of The Drum Wallet as it sits on top of the drum head and flips it off back to its original removed position. No drummer should be without this ground-breaking snare drum muffler! Approx. 5.75" L.

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