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    Please use "Music Gifts" menu. Above colored tabs are for Drums only.

    Guitar Misc.:
  • 3D Electric Guitar Greeting Card
  • 3D Guitar Greeting Card
  • Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar DVD
  • Acoustic Guitar Gift Card
  • Acoustic Guitar Keychain
  • Acoustic Guitar Ornament
  • Acoustic Guitar Pick Keychain
  • Beginning Guitar Book/CD/DVD
  • Black Fender Hat
  • Black Guitar Keychain/Bottle Opener
  • Boy with Guitar Ornament
  • Brass Guitar Keychain
  • Bucket Head Guitar Magnet
  • Christmas Frog playing Guitar
  • Christmas Ornament - Guitar
  • Crystal Guitar Keychain - *NEW
  • Electric Guitar 2015 Calendar
  • Electric Guitar Bookmark Set
  • Electric Guitar Bow Tie
  • Enamel Guitar Keychain
  • Fender Guitar Bookmarks
  • Fender Guitar Car Magnet
  • Fender Guitar Gift Card
  • Fender Guitar Magnet
  • Fender Guitar Magnet Card
  • Fender Strato Mousepad
  • Got Guitar? Hat
  • Guitar Air Freshener - Acoustic
  • Guitar Air Freshener - Apple
  • Guitar Air Freshener - Flames
  • Guitar Air Freshener - Les Paul
  • Guitar Air Freshener - Skull
  • Guitar Air Freshener - Strawberry
  • Guitar Bubble Necklaces
  • Guitar Chords Book DVD
  • Guitar Christmas Ornament
  • Guitar Cowgirl Patch
  • Guitar Cross Body Bag
  • Guitar Crystals Ornament
  • Guitar Drink Stirrers
  • Guitar Flames Scarf
  • Guitar Foil Balloon
  • Guitar Frog Dangle
  • Guitar Frog Magnet
  • Guitar Hats
  • Guitar Key Covers
  • Guitar Keychain - Rock & Roll
  • Guitar Keychain/Bottle Opener
  • Guitar Lighter
  • Guitar Magnet
  • Guitar Magnet
  • Guitar Magnetic Organizer
  • Guitar Methods Book/CD/DVD
  • Guitar Mouse Pad
  • Guitar Note Holder
  • Guitar Pen - Electric
  • Guitar Pen - Sculpted
  • Guitar Pencil Sharpener
  • Guitar Pick Necklaces
  • Guitar Pick Toothpicks
  • Guitar Plush
  • Guitar Rocker Gift Card
  • Guitar Rocker Mouse Pad
  • Guitar Shaped Treat Bag
  • Guitar Sock Change Purse
  • Guitar Squares Puzzle
  • Guitar Sunglasses
  • Guitar Sunglasses - B&W
  • Guitar Sunglasses - Flames
  • Guitar Trophy Cup
  • Guitar Wallet
  • Guitar Watch Keychain
  • Guitar with Notes Ornament
  • Guitar Writing Pen
  • Guitars Boxer Shorts
  • Guitars Scarf
  • Handcrafted Guitar Ornament
  • Happy Bunny Music Keychain
  • Headphone Splitter Amp
  • Hollow Body Guitar Ornament
  • Idiot's Guide Guitar Book / CD
  • Inflatable Guitar - Colorful
  • Jam Band Ornaments
  • Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hat
  • Keychain for Guitarist
  • Make Your Own Ukulele Kit
  • Martin Guitar Magnet
  • Mini iPod Guitar Amp Keychain
  • Mona Lisa Guitar Mousepad
  • Peace Sign Guitar Pick Keychain
  • Peavey License Plate
  • Pewter Acoustic Guitar Keychain
  • Pewter Electric Guitar Keychain
  • Pick Jesus Baseball Cap
  • Pick Jesus Guitar Keychain
  • Rainbow Guitar Luggage Tag
  • Red Electric Guitar Keychain
  • Riff-Rocker USB Guitar Game
  • Rock Band Earbuds
  • Rock Band Guitar Button
  • Rock Star Guitar Balloon
  • Rock Star Key Chains
  • Rocker eSock Cleaning Pouch
  • Rubber Stamp - Bass Guitar
  • Stratocaster Guitar Mousepad
  • Telecaster Guitar Air Freshener
  • Telecaster Guitar Mousepad
  • Thomas Rock & Roll Guitar
  • Twin Guitars Patch
  • Ukulele For Kids 2 DVD set
  • Wood Acoustic Guitar Keychain
  • Guitar Pen

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    Christmas Ornament - Guitar


    Item #MGCH-15
    Guitar Ornament - Christmas Ornament - Celebrate the holidays with this beautiful guitar ornament. A colorful Christmas tree decoration fashioned in the style of an electric guitar. A quality guitar ornament with intricate detail. Features: copper wire for strings; double humbuckers; volume and tone knobs; and pickguard. Available in Red. Guitar made of wood. Approx. 5".

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    Novelty Music Ornaments for Guitarists!




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