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    Other Instruments

    Please use "Music Gifts" menu. Above colored tabs are for Drums only.

  • Hidden Treasures Saxophone
  • Hidden Treasures Trumpet
  • Alto Sax Rope Necklace
  • Baritone Sax Rope Necklace
  • Bass Clarinet X-mas Ornament
  • Bassoon Christmas Ornament
  • Bassoon Personalized Watch
  • Bassoon Wirecraft Figurine
  • Beware The Trombones T-shirt
  • Boy with Clarinet Ornament
  • Boy with Saxophone Ornament
  • Boy with Trumpet Ornament
  • Clarinet Band Necklace
  • Clarinet Charm Lariat
  • Clarinet Charm
  • Clarinet Coin Purse
  • Clarinet Earrings
  • Clarinet Keychain
  • Clarinet Letters Art 3"x6"
  • Clarinet License Plate
  • Clarinet Metal Figurine
  • Clarinet Miniature w/ case
  • Clarinet Miniature w/ case
  • Clarinet Ornament
  • Clarinet Parking Sign
  • Clarinet Personalized Watch
  • Clarinet Picture Frame
  • Clarinet Sculpture
  • Clarinet Wirecraft Figurine
  • Cornet Band Necklace
  • Fear The Flute T-Shirt
  • Flute - Christmas Ornament
  • Flute - Miniature w/ case
  • Flute - Miniature w/ case
  • Flute Charm Lariat
  • Flute Charm
  • Flute Coin Purse
  • Flute Earrings
  • Flute Keychain
  • Flute Letters Art 3"x6"
  • Flute License Plate
  • Flute Necklace
  • Flute Ornament
  • Flute Oval Decal
  • Flute Personalized Watch
  • Flute Picture Frame
  • Flute Player Bronze Figurine
  • Flute Prismatic Sticker
  • Flute T-Shirt - Embroidered
  • French Horn & Notes Tie
  • French Horn - Charm
  • French Horn - Christmas
  • French Horn - Glass Figurine
  • French Horn - Necklace
  • French Horn Band Necklace
  • French Horn Letters Art 3"x6"
  • French Horn Personalized Watch
  • French Horn Pewter Keychain
  • French Horn Rope Necklace
  • French Horn T-Shirt
  • French Horn Tie
  • Girl with Clarinet Ornament
  • Girl with Flute Ornament
  • Girl with Trumpet Ornament
  • Gold Instrument Cutouts
  • Horns & Music Notes Tie
  • Horns Decorations
  • Horns Vintage Tie
  • Kokopelli Wirecraft Figurine
  • Mini French Horn
  • Mini Tuba on Stand
  • Miniature Trumpet on Stand
  • Oboe Christmas Ornament
  • Oboe Keychain
  • Oboe Parking Sign
  • Oboe Personalized Watch
  • Oboe Rope Necklace
  • Personalized Watch - Alto
  • Personalized Watch - Tenor Sax
  • Sax & Music Notes Tie
  • Sax - Christmas Ornament
  • Sax - Miniature on Stand
  • Sax - Miniature w/ case
  • Sax 24/7 T-Shirt
  • Sax Bottle Opener
  • Sax Charm - Silver
  • Sax Frog Lamp
  • Sax Keychain - Alto
  • Sax Keychain - Baritone
  • Sax Keychain - Tenor
  • Sax Oval Decal
  • Sax Player Bronze Figurine
  • Sax Player Keychain
  • Sax T-Shirt - Embroidered
  • Sax T-Shirt - Music Dept
  • Sax Wirecraft Figurine
  • Saxophone Art Print
  • Saxophone Crystals Night Light
  • Saxophone Cuff Links
  • Saxophone Letters Art 3"x6"
  • Saxophone License Plate
  • Saxophone Paperweight
  • Saxophone Parking Sign
  • Saxophone Picture Frame
  • Saxophone Puzzle Box
  • Saxophone Sculpture
  • Saxophone Tie
  • Saxophone Tie - Gifts
  • Saxophone with Crystals
  • Saxophone with Frame
  • Saxophonist Metal Figurine
  • Soprano Sax Rope Necklace
  • Sousaphone X-mas Ornament
  • Tenor Sax Rope Necklace
  • Tootin My Own Horn Kids T-Shirt
  • Trombone Art Print
  • Trombone Keychain
  • Trombone Miniature w/ case
  • Trombone Miniature w/ stand
  • Trombone Ornament
  • Trombone Oval Decal
  • Trombone Personalized Watch
  • Trombone Picture Frame
  • Trombone Tie
  • Trombonist Metal Figurine
  • Trumpet - Christmas Ornament
  • Trumpet - Miniature w/ case
  • Trumpet - Music Gift
  • Trumpet Band Necklace
  • Trumpet Lamp
  • Trumpet License Plate
  • Trumpet Metal Figurine
  • Trumpet Oval Decal
  • Trumpet Paperweight
  • Trumpet Personalized Watch
  • Trumpet Picture Frame
  • Trumpet Picture Frame
  • Trumpet Rope Necklace
  • Trumpet Silver Charm
  • Trumpet Silver Keychain
  • Trumpet T-Shirt - Embroidered
  • Trumpet Tie
  • Trumpet Tie - Large
  • Trumpet Wirecraft Figurine
  • Trumpets All Over Tie
  • Trumpets Tie
  • Tuba - Christmas Ornament
  • Tuba Charm - Silver
  • Tuba Clock
  • Tuba Keychain
  • Tuba Metal Figurine
  • Tuba Personalized Watch
  • Tuba Rope Necklace
  • Woodwinds Watch - Personalized
  • Baritone Wirecraft Figurine

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    Bassoon Wirecraft Figurine


    Item #MGF-97
    Bassoon Wirecraft Figurine - This awesome figurine is a fantastic gift idea for the passionate bassoonist. The sculpture is shaped and molded to resemble a bassoon player using various metal and copper materials, resulting with an incredibly stylistic mini piece of art. A great decor accent for the desk at the office or for a table at home. Approx. 2" W x 6" H.

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