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    Other Instruments

    Please use "Music Gifts" menu. Above colored tabs are for Drums only.

  • 3D Violin Blank Greeting Card
  • Violin Cutting Board
  • Violin Tiffany Accent Lamp
  • Accordian Personalized Watch
  • Accordion Christmas Ornament
  • Violin in Case Porcelain Box
  • Violin - Miniature with Stand
  • Violin Jewely Stand
  • Glorify the Lord Men's T-shirt
  • Glorify the Lord Women's T-shirt
  • Music Madness Artist T-shirt
  • Night Life Artist T-shirt
  • Roadcase Gift Box
  • Banjo - Miniature w/ case
  • Banjo Music Charm
  • Banjo Air Freshener
  • Banjo Christmas Ornament
  • Banjo Personalized Watch
  • Banjo T-Shirt - Embroidered
  • Rock Key Cover
  • Rock On Gift Card Holder
  • Metal Singing Frog
  • Metal Violinist
  • Mixing Board Lamp
  • Boy with Cello Ornament
  • Praise the Lord Ceramic Mug
  • Singer Forkapelli
  • BBQ Rocker Fork
  • Friends Don't Let Friends T-shirt
  • Rock Bottom Boxers - Adult
  • Rock Bottom Boxers - Youth
  • Marshall Stack Poster
  • Rock Me PJ Pants
  • John Lennon Pop Art Poster
  • RUSH - Hemisphere Poster
  • Monsters of Rock Poster
  • Drum Set Eraser
  • Metal Violinist
  • Violin Art Print
  • Music Cookie Cutters
  • Band Director Art Print
  • Vocals Art Print
  • Miniature Cello on Stand
  • Band Art Print
  • Rock N Roll Lounge Sign
  • Color Guard Art Print
  • Crystal Microphone Necklace
  • Violin Mini Clock
  • Sheet Music Playing Cards
  • Flag/Color Guard Figurine
  • Music Instrument Clock
  • Symphony Tea Cup
  • Peace Love Rock Pillow
  • Music Speaks Pillow
  • Violin iPhone 5 Case
  • Violin Picture Frame
  • Rock On Beverage Napkins
  • Vocals Band Picture Frame
  • Rock On Round Plates
  • Still Likes to Rock & Roll Figurine
  • Rock On Table Cover
  • Rattle & Roll Shaker Set
  • Rock On Party Cups
  • Brass Mini Microphone Stand - SM
  • Rock On Centerpiece
  • Bless Country Music Sign
  • Banjo Wirecraft Figurine
  • Rock On Banner
  • Rock & Roll Beanie
  • Choir Wirecraft Singer
  • Music Teacher Figurine
  • Rock On Party Invitations
  • Cassette Bank
  • Rock On Luncheon Napkins
  • Music Themed Watch
  • Chopin Bored Chopping Board
  • Boombox iPhone Cover
  • Cello Christmas Ornament
  • Cello Metal Figurine
  • Conductor Salt and Pepper
  • Conductor Figurine
  • Country Beverage Napkins
  • Country Western Cups
  • Music Embroidery Sheet
  • Harmonica Christmas Ornament
  • Harp Ornament
  • Mandolin Air Freshener
  • Microphone Xmas Ornament
  • Music Instruments Keychains
  • Mini Music Stand
  • Placecard Holder - Music Stand
  • Musicians Joke Book
  • Personalized Music Room Sign
  • Reindeer Band Cards
  • Rock Star Ceiling Decorations
  • Rock Star Invitations
  • Rock Star Party Balloons
  • Rock Star Platter
  • Rock Star Thank You Cards
  • Rocker Girl 7" Plates
  • Rocker Girl Beverage Napkins
  • Rocker Girl Luncheon Napkins
  • Santa Band Cards
  • Violin Coin Purse
  • Violin Watch
  • Violin Puzzle Box
  • Violin Sculpture
  • Violin with Austrian Crystals
  • Volume Knob Earbuds
  • You Rock 9" Plates
  • You Rock Diamond Balloon
  • You Rock Holographic Balloon
  • You Rock Party Cups
  • Bagpipes Silk Tie
  • Band License Plate
  • Band Oval Decal
  • Band Pin Gift -Star
  • Band T-Shirt - Instr. Letters
  • Band Teacher Cartoon
  • Banjo Band Necklace
  • Banjo Keychain
  • Banjo Magnet Gift
  • Banjo Necklace
  • Brass Mini Microphone Stand
  • Business Card Holder - Music
  • Cello Personalized Watch
  • Choir Parking Sign
  • CHORUS Tshirt - Sing Letters
  • Christian Choir Lapel Pin
  • Classical Elements Tie
  • Conductor Parking Sign
  • Country Elements Tie
  • Director T-Shirt - Authentic
  • Accordion Keychain
  • Cello Keychain
  • Harmonica Keychain
  • Violin Wood Keychain
  • Vocal Mic Keychain
  • Famous Headbangers T-shirt
  • Fiddle Around Bumper Sticker
  • Gift Card with Conductor Pin
  • Got Music? Hat
  • Got Music? ID Tag
  • Got Music? License Plate
  • Got Music? Magnet
  • Got Music? Mug
  • Got Music? Necklace
  • Got Music? Pen
  • Got Music? Pencils
  • Got Music? Sticker
  • Got Music? T-Shirt - Black
  • Got Music? T-Shirt - Pink
  • Got Music? Tote Bag
  • Got Music? Travel Mug
  • Harmonica Gift
  • Harp Brooch
  • Harp Earrings
  • I Love Music Brooch
  • Jazz Coasters
  • Jazz Candle
  • Jazz It Up Magnet
  • Jazz Tumblers Set
  • Jazz Wall Hook
  • Jazz Italian Marble Coasters
  • Jazz Keychain - Musicians
  • Jazz License Plate
  • Jim Morrison Art Print
  • Joyful Noise Christian Gift Bags
  • Joyful Noise Christian T-shirt
  • Joyful Noise Christian Tote Bag
  • Joyful Noise Christian T-shirt
  • Mandolin Keychain
  • Mandolin Necklace
  • Mick Jagger Art Print
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Microphone Charm Lariat
  • Microphone Charm Bracelet
  • Microphone Earrings
  • Music Buttons 4 Pack
  • Music Ceramic Travel Mug
  • Music Chips and Dip Tray
  • Music Cocktail Napkins
  • Music Instruments Napkins
  • Music Note Magnets
  • Music Shaped Wrist Bands
  • Music Stands Night Light
  • Music Teacher Cartoon Artwork
  • Music Teacher Sticker
  • Musical Dancing Dog
  • Musician Brooch
  • Musician Mug Gift
  • Orchestra Tshirt - Authentic
  • Orchestra Tshirt - Gear
  • Orchestra T-Shirt - What Else
  • Orchestra Tshirt - Instr. Letters
  • Personalized Harmonica
  • Pewter Microphone Keychain
  • Pewter Treble Clef Ring Holder
  • Record Coasters Set
  • Rock Band Painting
  • Rock Instruments Cutouts
  • Rock N Roll Ave Sign
  • Rock N Roll Elements Tie
  • Rock Star Stationery
  • Rockstar Microphone Tumbler
  • Rockstar Shower Curtain
  • Scale & Music Notes Mug
  • Violin Charm - Silver
  • Silvertone Harp Pin
  • Sing Along Tongs
  • Sing Band Necklace
  • Singing Bear Figurine
  • Singing Valentine Doll
  • Skull & Crossbones Pants
  • Small Microphone Charm
  • Still an American Idol Figurine
  • String Instruments Tie
  • Support Local Musicians Button
  • Music Teacher Bumper Sticker
  • The Lord is My Rock Tie
  • Treble Clef Cutting Board
  • Treble Clef Door Hanger
  • Ukulele T-shirt
  • Uncle Jam Music T-shirt
  • Violin - Miniature with Case
  • Violin Air Freshener
  • Violin License Plate
  • Violin Night Light
  • Violin with Frame
  • Violin Band Necklace
  • Violin Birthday Card
  • Violin Brooch Gold
  • Violin Charm Lariat
  • Violin Christmas Ornament
  • Violin Coasters
  • Violin Cuff Links
  • Violin Necklace Silver
  • Violin Tie Clip
  • Violin Tie
  • Violin Keychain
  • Violin Letters Art 3"x6"
  • Violin Necklace Silver
  • Violin Oval Decal
  • Violin Personalized Watch
  • Violin Prismatic Sticker
  • Violin Watch - Personalized
  • Violin Wood Earrings
  • Violinist Parking Sign
  • Microphone Charm - Silver
  • Microphone Earrings - Silver
  • Microphone Necklace - Silver
  • Microphone Pen
  • Wooden Fiddle Choker Necklace
  • Yamaha Drive Music Sign

  • Music Gifts
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    Violin Cutting Board


    Item #MGMSC-513
    Violin Cutting Board - A perfect gift for any violinist who enjoys to cook or entertain! Give them this gorgeous Violin Cutting Board that's handcrafted from the finest quality pewter and wood material. Use in the kitchen for your own personal chopping needs or even better, use to entertain with friends and family. A great gift for any violin player or food enthusiast who loves music and makes a great decorative piece as well! Approx. 22"L with the widest area being 8" Shipping to Contiguous USA only.

    Violin Gifts for Violin Players!

    Shipping to Contiguous USA only.

    This item does not qualify for Flat Rate Shipping. Shipping & Handling costs will be $12.95 per item.

    $87.98 $69.95 On Sale!



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