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  • "More Cowbell" Cowbell
  • African Tic Tac Drums
  • Black 7.5" Cowbell
  • Black Coconut Maraca
  • Black Wood Rattle
  • Bongo Drums - Large
  • Cabasa - Rhythm Tech
  • Civil War Drum Replica
  • Coconut Shell Maraca
  • Colored Gourd Maracas
  • Conga Drums - Dark
  • Conga Drums - Large
  • Conga Drums - Light
  • Cricket Noise Maker
  • Djembe Drum - Green
  • Djembe Drum - Orange
  • Doumbek Ceramic Drum
  • Hand Sleigh Bells
  • Horn Huiro
  • Indian Drums - Leather
  • Jingle Fish Tambourine
  • Kabba Coconut Shaker
  • LP 9" Cowbell
  • Latin Bongos - Black
  • Lizard Clacker
  • Marching Snare Drum
  • Mini Bongos - Natural
  • Mini Bongos - Santana
  • Mini Conga - Blue
  • Mini Conga - Natural
  • Mini Conga - Santana
  • More Cowbell Gift Set
  • Music Washboard - Percussion
  • Musical Hand Bells Set
  • Native American Dance Rattle
  • Native American Trunk Drums
  • Pig Noise Maker
  • Quality 6" Triangle
  • Rhythm Percussion Ring
  • Roto Toms
  • Shaker - Abalone Seashells
  • Shaker - Seed Pods
  • Skull Shaker - Percussion
  • Snare Drum Combo Set
  • Soft Shake Shaker
  • Spring Rattle
  • Standing Drum
  • Star Tambourine
  • Steel Drum / Pan Drum
  • Tambourine Goat Skin and Bells
  • Tambourine, Brilliant Colors
  • Tempo Block - High
  • Tempo Block - Low
  • Thunder Maker
  • Thunder Tube
  • Turtle Noise Maker
  • Two Tone Maraca
  • Wind Chimes
  • Wind Chimes - 20 Bars
  • Wind Chimes - 25 Bars
  • Wind Chimes - 32 Bars
  • Wood Kosika Shaker
  • Zenergy Chime
  • Zildjian Gong

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    Zildjian Miniature Gong


    Item #PRC-9
    Zildjian Gong - Percussionists and Drum Lovers, check this out! A beautiful sounding and expertly crafted Turkish gong from the famous Zildjian line of cymbals. This miniature Zildjian gong can be used as room decor or actually to call your family to dinner. A wonderfully unique percussion gift for those that have everything! Approx. 12" diameter, includes table top stand and mallet. From the Zildjian cymbals collection. Shipping to Contiguous USA only.

    Awesome Percussion Gifts at DRUM BUM!

    Shipping to Contiguous USA only.

    This item does not qualify for Flat Rate Shipping. Shipping & Handling costs will be $15.95 per item.

    $137.50 $84.95 On Sale!



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