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    Theme Index
    Drums and Percussion Gifts by Theme

    Here we've compiled gift ideas and suggestions for music themes.
    Remember a Christmas gift for the musician in your life. Birthdays too!
    We hope you find this page helpful in your search for that perfect drums gift.

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    0 to $5
    Need just one more inexpensive gift for your drummer? Here are a few suggestions for cheap
    last minute music theme gift ideas. Some will make great music stocking stuffers for Christmas!

    Inexpensive Drumsticks
    Xylophone Charm
    Sticker - DrumBum Logo
    Sticker - Bongos Drummer
    Sticker - Kiss My Drums
    Drumset Charm - Gold/Pewter
    Sticker - I'd rather be playing my Drums!
    Sticker - Drummer use Heads
    Make Your Own Drumsticks Pack
    Sticker - Musician
    Sticker - Hug a Musician
    Decal - Drummers make Good Roll Models

    Drum Set Buttons
    Pen - Floating Drumset
    Pencils - Snare Drum
    s - Drumsets
    Keychain - Drumstick
    Keychain - DB Logo DrumKey

    Red Drum Set Magnet
    Energizer Bunny Keychain
    Band Mom Charm
    Birthday Card/Postcard - Baby on Drumset
    Drumset ID Tag

    Buy that perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for the Drummer in your life!

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    African - Afro Cuban
    African drums and Latin percussion gifts. Unique hand drums, latin jewelry, housewares and T-shirts. We will be adding much more to this drums theme category in the near future.
    Miniature Djembe Drums
    Djembe Necklace - Silver
    African Drum Necklace

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    American / USA
    Looking for a drummer gift with a USA theme? Check out these red, white and blue music treasures.
    Great gift ideas for 4th of July celebrations, patriotic theme events, or just to support our country.

    USA Kid's Drums
    American Flag Drumsticks

    Metal Eagle Drum

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    Buy that perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for the Drummer in your life!

    A few items that make great academic awards for school presentations as well as
    wonderful music theme gifts. We've just listed a few.
    Drumsticks - Award Pin
    Snare Drum - Award Pin
    Brass Drumset Clock

    Mini Drumsticks

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    Baby Shower
    Can't forget those new baby drummers can we? Start 'em early with a cool gift from Drum Bum!
    Shower them with the coolest drum theme baby shower gift around for drummer moms and dads.

    Baby on Drumset - Blank Notecard

    Daddy's Lil Drummer Bib
    My Daddy Rocks Kids T-Shirt

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    Cool drummer party favors, centerpieces and placeholders for very special occasions.
    Music Note Tissue Paper
    Birthday Card/Postcard - Baby on Drumset
    Drumstick Pens - Great for music party favors
    4 piece Miniature Drumset- Great for Cakes!
    Miniature Djembe Drums
    Miniature Conga Drums
    Miniature Bongos

    Miniature Drumsticks
    Miniature Drumset
    Floating Drumset Pens

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    Gift ideas for beginner drummers. Drum books, drum dvds, drum practice pads, small hand drums, beginner drumsets, unique colored drumsticks, metronomes, junior drumsets and more! Tons of practical gift ideas for young, first time drummers.
    *Junior Drumset
    Inexpensive Drumsticks
    QT-7 Metronome
    Kid's Starter Drum Set
    Rudiment Charts for Drums

    Remo Practice Pad
    5 Pc. Beginning Drumset
    Learn Drums on DVD
    Drum Practice Pad
    Getting Started On Drums DVD
    Beginner Lessons Drumset Book/CD/DVD

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                     Birthday - (see also, "PARTY")
    Music Gifts with a Birthday Theme. Music Greeting cards, Music gift wrapping paper and
    many more music themed gifts and musical party decorating ideas for drum theme and other.

    Drums-related Birthday Cards
    Dog Playing the Drums

    Musical Gift Wrap- Balloons
    Drum Set Gift Wrap

    Music Note Tissue Paper

    Drumstick Pencils
    4 piece Miniature Drumset- Great for Cakes!
    Miniature Djembe Drums
    Miniature Conga Drums
    Miniature Bongos

    Miniature Drumsticks
    Floating Drumset Pens
    Music Stand Placeholders

    Music Birthday Party Supplies

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    Child's / Kids Gift
    Drum toys and gifts specifically for kids! - Christmas or Birthday Gift Ideas
    *Junior Drumset / Toy Drumset
    Kid's Percussion Set - 6 piece
    Little Drummer Boy T-Shirt - Kid's

    Drum Sticks - Small

    5 Pc. Beginning Drumset - Beginner

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    Praise the Lord! And we're not kidding. God is good, and so is this awesome T-shirt!
    More Christian and Spiritual theme gifts to come. (For drummers of course.)

    Praise and Worship Drumming Book
    On the 8th Day Decal
    Fish Stix Drumsticks
    Christian Drummer Tie
    Christian Music Tie
    Treble Clef Cross Pin

    More Christian Musician Gifts

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    Unique Christmas gift items for drummers. Drummer Boy related designs and drumset
    to marching band theme. Ornaments, music wrapping paper, music greeting cards and more.

    Christmas Tree Ornament
    Christmas Ornament, Hi Hat
    Snare Drum
    Drumset Ornament
    Holiday Drum Basket - Red and Green
    Mini Conga Drums Christmas Tree Ornaments
    Tambourine Ornament


    Christmas Cards

    Buy that perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for the Drummer in your life!

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    Corporate / Executive
    Elegant gifts for the executive (executive slash musician that is). Great for retirement gift
    or simply to decorate the office at work. You can't hide a true Drum Bum! ;)

    Clock, Brass Drumset
    Zildjian Cymbal Clock
    Drum Cuff Links

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    Double Bass Drumming
    Find great books, dvds, and other gifts about double bass drumming.
    Virgil Donati: Double Bass Drum Freedom Book/CD
    Double Pedal Gold Book / CD
    Twin Effect Bass Drum Pedal
    Double Bass Drum Drumset Pin

    More Double Bass Drum Gifts
    Double Bass Drumming Lessons

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    Drum Bum Logo
    Many of you just "love" our company name and are always buying our music apparel.
    Here are those theme items branded with the unique "drUm bUm" logo.

    Logo T-shirt, Drum Bum
    Hat, Drum Bum Logo
    DRUM BUM Mug
    DRUM BUM Lounge Pants
    Sticker - DrumBum Logo
    Keychain - DB Logo DrumKey
    DRUM BUM LogoWatch

    HOODIE, Sweatshirt - Drum Bum Logo


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    Education / Learning
    Educational tools and accessories that assist with drum lessons, teaching and lesson plan development. Don't miss the new "Play along with a Bass Player" CD for Drummers.

    Rudiment Charts for Drums
    Basics of Drumming Wall Chart
    Drumming DVDs
    Drumstick Practice Tips
    QT-7 METRONOME / Louder click for Drums
    Drum Tuning Book/CD - How to tune your drums

    More Drum Learning Tools

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    Some have exquisite taste and wish to spend a bit more on their friends or loved ones.
    This category will feature some of our more expensive and/or higher-quality drums theme items.

    Rock N Roller Cart
    Zodiac Gong

    Drumsticks Charm - 14k Gold
    Gold Drumset Player Charm - 14k
    DrumoMeter - Electronic

    Buy that perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for the Drummer in your life!

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    Famous Drummers
    The who's who of drummers past and present. This category will also
    expand as we continually add new drum products.

    Tommy Lee Drumsticks

    Neil Peart DVD
    Neil Peart Poster
    Neil Peart Book
    Chad Smith DVD
    Travis Barker Stick Bag

    KISS Bobblehead - Peter Criss

    Buy that perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for the Drummer in your life!

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    Gag Gifts
    Play a prank on your musician friends! Great gag gifts for April Fools Day.

    DIY Drumsticks

    Lizard Spit Polish
    Anti-Monkey Butt Powder

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    Girls Drummer Gifts
    Many of our musical items would make great themed gifts for
    Drummer Girls but here are a few especially for them:

    BAND MOM Charm
    *Drummer MOMS T-shirt
    Earrings - Drumset
    Glass Drumsticks Earrings
    Conga Drum Earrings - Bronze
    Pink Pencils - Drums and Drumsets
    Girl Drummer T-shirt
    DrumBum Logo Watch for Girls

    Bongo Drummer Girl Tshirt
    Woman's Scarf - Drumset
    Girl Drummer Pin
    Girls Drumset Bracelet

    See All Girl Drummer Gifts

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    Great graduation gift ideas for your loved ones. Buy a musical gift
    that's perfectly suited for teachers or band students.

    Band Teacher, Music Gift

    Snare Drum Charm

    Snare Drum Figurine
    Personalized Drumsticks - Custom
    Drum Cuff Links - Graduation Gift Idea!

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    Spooky Halloween Gifts for drummers and musicians alike.
    Find fun and scary music themed Halloween gift ideas at Drum Bum.

    Frankenstein Drummer Sticker
    Drum Practice Pads - Skull
    Rhythm Murder Mystery DVD

    To the Top

    A blast from the past. This section will include any vintage pieces or war related items we get in.
    Keep an eye out for more music history themed gifts to be added soon.

    Civil War Drum - Replica
    Spirit of '76 Kids Drum
    Kids Drum - Civil War like, Rope Drum

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    Home Decor
    Suggestions for musical gifts that are great for decorating the house or apartment.
    From kitchen to general housewares. Truly unique musical gifts with a music theme!

    Got Rhythm? Travel Mug
    Mug - Tools Of The Trade
    Toca Conga Salt and Pepper Shakers
    Zildjian Cymbal Clock
    Lamp - Drumset
    Zildjian Gong
    Drummer Signs (No Parking)
    Drumsicks Mixing Spoons

    Drummer Home Decor Gifts

    Buy that perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for the Drummer in your life!

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    Music gifts for the Jazz musician. Music jazz theme.
    Jazz Tie
    Jazz Keychain
    Jazz It Up Candle
    Jazz License Plate
    Jazz It Up Magnet
    Peter Magadini Jazz Drums DVD
    Classic Jazz Drummers: Swing Era And Beyond DVD

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    Latin Percussion
    We haven't forgotten the Latin percussionists out there. Check out our salsa pins,
    pendants, figurines and miniature latin percussion. - And there's more to come! Stay tuned.

    Latin, Mini Percussion
    Latin Percussion T-shirt

    Rim Riser - Cross Stick Enhancer
    Steel Drums Figurine
    Bongos Pin
    Percussion T-shirt - Vater
    Bongos Magnet
    Latin Percussion Magnet
    Light Up Tambourine
    CONGA Keychain
    Drummer Frog Pin
    Conga Drums Pin / Pendant
    Maracas Pen
    Inflatable Hand Drums

    Buy that perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for the Drummer in your life!

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    Little Drummer Boy
    Great Little Drummer Boy gifts for Christmas. Christians and Drummers
    everywhere will love the touch of music added to your Christmas decorations.
    Little Drummer Boy Ornament
    Little Drummer Boy Night Light

    More Little Drummer Boy Gifts

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    Marching Band
    Great gift ideas for school marching band, drumcorps or drumline drummers. Jump into
    marching season with some unique music themed gifts and ideas for Christmas.
    Snare Drum - Wire Figurine
    Marching Snare Drum
    Cymbals - Wire
    Bells Player
    - Wire Figurine
    Tri Drums
    - Wire Figurine
    Drum Major
    Quads Drummer
    Bass Drummer
    Band T-Shirt - What Else
    Marching Drums / Drumline T-shirt
    Snare Drum Hat

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    Musical Incentives
    A few items that make great rewards and incentives for your music students.
    Music Note Magnet
    Got Music? Pencils
    Miniature Drumsticks
    Music Shaped Bands
    Drumstick Pen
    Music Buttons 4 Pack
    Guitar Pick Necklaces

    More Musical Incentives

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    Music Boxes
    Unique music themed jewelry, trinket, and puzzle boxes.
    Guitar Puzzle Box
    Hidden Treasures Drum
    Nutcracker Trinket Box
    Wooden Piano Music Ring Box
    Hidden Treasures Trumpet
    Violin Puzzle Box

    More Music Boxes

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    Neil Peart
    Great gift ideas for die hard Neil Peart fans. Check out our growing
    selection of Neil Peart posters, dvds, books, and more.

    Neil Peart DVD - Anatomy of a Drum Solo
    Neil Peart Art Print
    Roadshow by Neil Peart
    Neil Peart Drums Poster

    More Neil Peart Gifts

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    Novelty / Fun / Gag
    Some unique, novelty gift / gag gift ideas for drummers. Buy your
    fun and unique music themed christmas presents from Drum Bum.
    Colorful Drum Mallets

    Anti-Monkey Butt Powder Sweat Absorber
    Make Your Own Drumsticks Pack
    Monkey with Cymbals
    Boxer Shorts - Drums
    Grateful Dead T-Shirt
    Energizer Bunny
    Personalized Drumsticks
    I'd rather be playing my DRUMS - Sticker
    Light Up Tambourine
    Gretsch Drums - Logo Sticker
    Glow in the Dark Drumsticks
    Giant Drumsticks (huge, big and large!)
    Hows My Drumming Sticker

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    Great decorative gift ideas and musical clothing for the office. Professional to
    executive; a drummer is a drummer whether home or at the office.

    Clock, Brass Drumset
    Music Note Letter Opener
    Snare Drum Cufflinks - Brass
    Drum & Sticks Watch
    Drumset Paperweight

    Drumset Tie Bar - Pewter
    Zildjian Cymbal Clock
    Drumset Tie

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    Other Instruments
    Ok, we all know that drummers rule the earth. But what if you happen to want a guitar player
    or piano player gift? Well now you can also buy something for them at Drum Bum!

    Gifts for Guitar Players
    Gifts for Bass Players
    Gifts for Piano Players
    Gifts for Horn Players
    Gifts for Singers
    Gifts for Strings Players
    Music Note Gifts
    Bass Clef Hat - Bass Player Cap
    Music T-shirts / Musician Tshirts
    INDEX of all our "other musical instrument" gifts.

            Got Guitar? T-shirt - New!

    More Music Gifts

    Buy that perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for the Drummer in your life!

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    Party Ideas
    Cool drummer party favors, centerpieces and placeholders for those very special occasions.
    Birthday Party - Barmitzvah - Graduation - Christmas - Award Ceremony
    Music Confetti - Music Notes
    Music Theme Party Napkins
    Musical Gift Wrap- Music Notes
    Gift Wrap-
    Music Note Tissue Paper - Music Theme

    Birthday Card/Postcard - Baby on Drumset
    4 piece Miniature Drumset- Great for Cakes!
    Rock Star String Decorations
    Sock Hop Rock & Roll Table Cover

    More Musical Party Gift Decorations

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    Personalized Gifts
    Want to add that special touch to a gift? Try a great personalized music gift!
    Personalized Drumsticks
    Personalized Drumset Clock
    Personalized Acoustic Guitar Sign
    Personalized Karaoke Lounge Sign
    Trumpet Watch

    More Personalized Gifts

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    Rock Band Gifts
    Hey Rock Band fans, rock on with these great Rock Band themed gifts.
    ROCK BAND Drum Play-Along Book / CD
    Rock Band Drum Set Button
    Rock Band Drum Set - ION Drum Rocker
    Rock Band Guitar Decal

    More Rock Band Gifts

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    Romantic Gift
    Hey drummer lovers... or you drummers that love someone; How 'bout a few ideas
    for romantic-like gifts. Unique music themed gifts that they won't forget for awhile.

    Gorilla Drummer - Hearts
    Drumsticks Charm - 14k Gold
    Conga Drum Earrings - Bronze
    *Boxer Shorts - Drums
    CUTE BEAR with Drumsticks

    To the Top

    School necessities for learning. Drum Instructional book and stuff for band, music education.
    Educational DVDs, manuscript paper, drum practice pads, and more drums stuff for school.
    Book Bag, Drumset
    Snare Drum Book
    Snare Drum Rudiments Book
    Snare Drum Practice Pad
    Drumsticks Pencils
    Drum Set Notebook
    Practice Pads / Learning
    Drum Instructional Books / Drum Books

    To the Top

    Here are a few music themed products that suit summertime. More to come!
    Tank Top
    DRUM BUM Logo Tank Top
    Bongo Girl Tshirt - Spaghetti Strap
    T-SHIRTS, Drum Tshirts
    Drummer Hats

    Buy that perfect Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for the Drummer in your life!

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    Music theme gifts for the band director, drum teacher, drumline helpers, etc.
    Don't give 'em an apple. Give 'em a cool music gift from Drum Bum!
    Band Teacher - Wire Figurine
    Drum Cuff Links
    Music Teacher Cartoon Print

    Music Note Tumbler
    Music Notes Keychain
    *Animusic - Music Animation DVD
    Bear with Drumsticks
    Zildjian Cymbals Clock
    Music Conductor Figurine
    Musicians Joke Book

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    XXXL T-shirts (3X and 4X)
    We occasionally get requests for larger size T-shirts. Here we will list what's currently available.
    This will change from time to time due to availability. Please call to special order 3X or 4X shirts.
    DrumBum Cartoon - Currently in 3X
    DrumBum Logo - 3X
    Drummer Definition - 3X size
    Viva la Metal Drums T-shirt
    - 3X size
    Got Drums? - 3X
    Drummer 24/7 - 3X size
    Death Drummer T-Shirt - 3X
    Drum Hero T-shirt
    - 3X
    I Don't Wanna Work - 3X
    Muppet Animal Drummer T-Shirt - 3X

    SMALL T-shirts

    Valentines Day
    Cool Valentines Day Gifts for your special drummer. More to come!
    CUTE BEAR with Drumsticks
    Gorilla Drummer - Hearts

    Drumsticks Charm - 14k Gold
    Conga Drum Earrings - Bronze

    Great Musician Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

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    411 drums

    Links to 1000's of FREE Drum Lessons and Drum Tabs

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    Over 2500 Musical Themed Gift Accessories for Drums and Drumset.
    DrumTheme Gifts, Drummer Gag Gifts, Gifts for Percussionists, and more.
    Visit our exclusive Drummer Tshirts page.


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