Drum Bum, Inc. is a well-branded company now in its 20th year of business. Since 1999, we have offered unique gifts for drummers would later delve into music gifts for all musicians as well as other occupational related gifts (teachers, doctors, etc.) and now have a selection of over 3000 products for you to choose from including hundreds of unique gifts related to wine, sports, pets and more! Upon perusing our website, you’ll also find a vast amount of music resources so have a look around.

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The Drum Bum store is not a typical music store. Rather, its focus is on gifts and apparel such as T-shirts, clocks, stickers, jewelry, and even unique, harder to find items such as drumstick holders and custom drumsticks. And of course, since branching out, you’ll find gifts for all musicians including guitar, bass, piano, horns and stringed instruments. Whether it be for Christmas, a birthday, or a special office party, you’ll definitely find the perfect music gift for your loved one here. Don’t forget, we sell music party supplies too so if you’re throwing a party, check out our huge party selection.

Drum Bum, Inc. offers quantity (distributor or wholesale-like) discounts as well and has sold to companies such as Walt Disney Group, Hard Rock Hotel, Jim Henson Productions, ESPN, Nike Golf, the US Marines, Buyers for NY Broadway, Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and more.

If that wasn’t all, we happen to also own one of the largest drum forums online. Check out DrumChat.com and meet thousands of friendly drum bumand knowledgeable drummers that can answer your drum questions. You’ll never get bored at Drum Chat. There are over a half a million posts!

Probably the most important thing we wish to share with you is that we run our company by the Golden Rule. It is a concept that works in our personal lives and it works in business as well. The Golden Rule is at the heart of our business decisions, how we train our staff and how we treat our customers.

Thank you for shopping with us and please let us know how we can serve you.

More About Drum Bum

  • Drum Bum has an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The BBB bases its rating on length of time in business (since 1999) and a record on file with no complaints.
  • Our products have appeared in movies like Final Destination 3 and have been featured in several major publications over the years including Prevention Magazine, Family Fun, Yogi Magazine, Digital Living Today and even The Wall Street Journal.
  • We have a promotional products business where we sell imprinted items like pens, bags, cups and thousands of other products where you can feature your name or company logo.
  • Over the years, we have sold to such estemeed companies as Live Nation, Nike Golf, Walt Disney, Old Navy, Super Bowl XLV, Late Night with Conan Obrien, Dexter, Modern Family and others.
  • We sponsor Tony Royster Jr. (Jay Z.), arguably one of the most technically-advanced drummers in the world.
  • We sell advertising to companies that wish to feature their brands on our network or through our e-mail list.
  • We teach other businesses online marketing and search engine optimization through one-on-one consultation.
  • We buy and sell domains and own hundreds of them, mostly related to the music and gift industry.

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3 weeks ago

Drum Bum, Inc.

Too funny!

This looks staged to me. Either way, it’s hilarious! 😂

#drums #drummers #drumming


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This is why you don’t cage a drummer. 😂😂😂

Frank this guy still keeps the time right

Covering up bad singers with loud drumming is a responsibility I take very seriously.

The drummer is not even paying attention to what’s going on. It looks more like a power Trip being the most annoying in the room.

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4 weeks ago

Drum Bum, Inc.

What is the kit you have had for the longest time?



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They’re talking about this at DrumChat…


Just sold my 1984 Yamaha Stage Series. I bought it new…

Pearl DLX in Wine Red,deep toms 24" Bass,I bought them brand new in the 80s I love them

1973 blue sparkle Gretsch, bought used in 1977.

My original 60’s or 70’s (bought in 1985) Ludwig kit that was retired for more than 3 decades is finally back on stage again this year.

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolutes

My PDP M5 kit had it since my late 30s. I’m now 45. One day like to upgrade to a DW

Umm, my only kit I ever owned. Pearl session series. Mid 90’s . I have had it about 21 years

Current kit PDP X7 maple bought them in 2011.

Ludwig 77/78 Maple, Super Sensitive Snare, Zildjian Cymbals

I’ve had this 67 Ludwig kit since 1974.

Had this 50s premier since about 1984. Recently cleaned it up and gigged it

Started off in 82 with a Torodor then in 94 got an 85 Pearl Export (original hardware) that I still play.

1973 Rogers Kit

1960’s 70’s Ludwig w/super sensitive snare.

Tame Swingstar since 1983 – still serving me well!

Pearl Session Elite 7pc Pacific Blue, since 1995!

Sonor Force 2001

1975 Ludwig Vistalite set. I teared up when I sold them.

My stage kit. 14 piece Ludwig Maple Classic.

Green vistalite, 72 still, doing gigs with them

Tama superstar but I want a dw

1980 Ludwig Power Factory

I sold my Ludwig Bonham replica blue Vistalite kit for 500$ to buy this kit.🙄

Tama FiberStar 1980–2004

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1 month ago

Drum Bum, Inc.

Do you have an ’emergency parts’ kit for your drums?

#drumbum #deals #sale #drums #drummers #drumming

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