Hey Guys… Drum Bum has a new website! 

In 1999, we started with a very simple website as we only had about a dozen or so products and truthfully, nobody back then really knew how to build a sturdy site. HTML was still rather new and banks were struggling to figure out even how to accommodate new online store owners like us. We had to jump through several hoops with Bank America (yes, Bank America!) to figure out how to get us plugged in with merchant services. Ah, the memories!

Later we would give it a facelift while going with a different shopping cart platform. We were experiencing substantial growth and adding many hundreds of products. Well, that’s the site we’ve had for many years now. It’s served us well but admittedly, we’re behind on updating. The reason for its delay was the fact that we built out pretty far with content (that became what we were known for) and so it would be very expensive and time-consuming to rebuild. We were busy building new stores on the side (Affys.com, OccupationGifts.com, Giftys.com, BuyGifts.com, etc.) and while they all had a nice run, we eventually decided to consolidate and put everything under the Drum Bum roof. This saves time, money, confusion and frankly, we just didn’t want to be that spread out anymore.

So, here it is folks – OUR NEW WEBSITE!  We’re still cleaning up so please be patient with us but enjoy perusing the site and let us know what you think. You can now search for all of our products whether it be music gifts, occupational gifts or other unique gifts, in one place. As always, to receive updates, coupons and specials, please join our mailing list.

What’s New?

• Lower shipping costs!
• Lower prices on hundreds of products!
• Built in Wishlist
• ‘Quickview’, for faster product browsing.
• New sorting features: Sort by popularity, newness, priced ‘low to high’ or ‘high to low’
• Site wide HTTPS. This means that instead of only having an extra security wall in the checkout area, we’ve implemented it throughout the entire website.
• Mobile-Friendly viewing
• Consolidation. You no longer have to visit 3 stores to see our full product line. Now, all of our products are at Drum Bum!
• Switch between ‘grid view’ or ‘list view’ for product search.
• Smoother layout. Everything is now much easier to find!
• New resources center. Find lessons, tips, tabs and lots of music resources.