Enjoy some of these amazing drum solos. They will blow your mind! Check out some of the drummer dvds we have to offer.


Mike Portnoy

Dennis Chambers Drum Solo

Ronald Bruner Jr.

Chris Coleman

Thomas Lang

Rush - Neil Peart Solo

Buddy Rich

Jason Bittner

It’s not always necessary to play a drum solo as a drummer. Consider it ‘icing on the cake’ that your band members might appreciate but certainly not necessary in most cases to get the gig. Learn the basics and get them down good. The basic hand technique, rudiments, styles and grooving real hard are all paramount. After that,you can broaden your horizons by getting some cool chops under your belt. That will enable you to have more freedom and expression on the drums and then of course, you can start learning how to play drum solos. From Mike Portnoy to Dennis Chambers and even Thomas Lang, Drum Bum provides hundreds of drum videos on dvd to download and expand those horizons by studying drum lessons up close and personal within your home or studio. The only way to get good is to apply yourself so video learning allows for a supplement to studying with a drum teacher.


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