The Beguine Rhythm

What is a Beguine?

Basically a beguine is a popular ballroom dance. But, as with other dances, it’s roots have a rhythmic foundation. Most know the word, “Beguine” through Cole Porter’s popular big band song, “Begin the Beguine”. As drummers, we should know how to approach a beguine rhythm in case we’re called to play one.

be·guine (bï-gen’)

Like a Rumba

Cole Porter was said to have written “Begin the Beguine” after a layover on the island of Martinique (near St. Lucia) during a world cruise in the 1930’s. He was influenced by the beguine rhythm and it’s dance. It was similar to a rumba but yet subtlely different enough that it could retain its originality. Here’s a version of another beguine song, “Beguine for Band”. Notice the emphasis on quarter note beats, “1, 3 and 4” by the tuba. And the sand blocks are playing what would normally be played on snare (or HH) and toms when playing on the drumset.

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