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You’re practicing and practicing and even putting in longer hours. You’ve acquired self-discipline and a handful of wisdom that taught you to concentrate on ‘quality over quantity’. You’re seeing the results. It’s paying off and after 10 years of drumming, you’re well on the way. But wait? What’s this? A drummer that’s only been playing for 3 months and he’s playing circles around you! WTH?!! A child prodigy? Vinnie’s son? Nope, it’s a new gadget that he simply strapped on and made him into an instant drumming superstar overnight!

While we’re having a little fun, we’re not exactly far off and neither is this amazing, scientific device. The gadget is attached to an appendage of your body and utilizes science called proprioceptive interaction. If you’re looking for someone to blame just blame science, lol.

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Unless you’ve had your head buried under a rock, you’ve been hearing about advances in AI (short for Artificial Intelligence). It powers everything from mobile phones to robots utilizing speech recognition, eye movement and so on. Walmart even managed to put thousands more low income workers out of a job by purchasing AI robots to clean their floors. Just when we got used to drum machines taking our gigs, now it will be arm(ed) robots!

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How will all of this happen? Well through a serious of programmed muscle contractions in a particular speed and sequence, your arms/legs will soon be playing drums robotically. With the utilization of AI through muscle memory, the sky is the limit regarding the possibilities of what is ahead of us and researchers at the University of Chicago are on the trail. Just like the demise of rotary phones and cassette tapes, today’s methods of learning drums and percussion through traditional methods, drum lessons and our approach to learning and playing will likely change significantly in the coming years.

So throw out all of those drum lesson books and videos and start saving for your very own Bionic Drummer Arm 3000. Maybe you’ll be on the cover of Modern Drummer afterall. The first one to master that baby gets the gigs!  🙂

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