Drumset Clock

Our C-04 drumset clock was one of the most popular items we carried in the 20 years we’ve been in business. It’s since been discontinued from the manufacture. Rumor has it that the plant burned down in China. Why they never reproduced this product for such a top-selling product is beyond us. Maybe they felt it had run its course. This drumset clock was one of those products where everyone would see it and say, “Yea, I have that!” or “My grandmother bought me one of those back in 2003”. Drum Bum carried this notorious drum clock from 1999 until around 2014.

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More Clocks and Unique Gifts for Drummers

From drumset clocks to T-shirts, drum posters and more, Drum Bum is the place to go for exciting drummer gifts with a percussion or drumset theme. Looking for a drum accessory for your passionate percussionist? We have lots to choose from. We even have unique drumsticks in a multiple of colors. We’re most known for very unique products for drummers like our ‘Drum Room’ sign, our gorilla snot accessory or our hilarious drumset money! As always, call us anytime if you have questions about any of our drumming or music gift products. Our number is easy to remember: 1 800 DRUM BUM

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