Custom Drumstick Pen

Custom Drumstick Pens – Qty. 50

Drumstick Necklace

Drumstick Necklace

5A Hickory Drumsticks - On Stage

Brick of Drumsticks – 6 pair

Hickory Drumsticks 5A
Soft Stix Drumsticks

Soft Stix Drumsticks

Printed Drumsticks for Companies

Custom Printed Drumsticks


Brass Drum Sticks Keychain

full color custom drumsticks
custom drumsticks

Custom Imprinted Drumsticks

5A Drumsticks

Low-Priced Drumsticks

drumstick holder

SOLID! Drumstick Holder

personalized drumsticks

Personalized Drumsticks – Custom

Sold Out

Workout Exercise Drumsticks


Drum Bum Fitness Drumsticks – PINK

Sold Out
drumstick holder display rack
Sold Out

Drumsticks Display Rack

Sold Out

Drumstick Chopsticks


Drumsticks Sculpture

Sold Out

Ahead Wire Brushes


Cymbal Mallets


Temple Owls Drumsticks


Speedsticks 5A Drumsticks

Sold Out

Drumstick Display Case – Acrylic

Sold Out

Groove Sticks – Twirl your Drumsticks!


Artistic Drumsticks


Colored Drumsticks


Colorful Drum Mallets


Vater Drumstick Tape

Kids Drumsticks Blank

Kid’s Drumsticks!

Sold Out

Blank 5A Drumsticks, 6pr.


DrumSticks Pin


Blank Sticks, Custom Drumsticks, Gifts, and More

Drum Bum is… cool Drummer T-shirts, Hats, Stickers and Music Gifts. Check out our unique and novelty drumsticks like Groove Sticks, Personalized Drumsticks, Colored Drumsticks (black, blue, green, red, silver and purple) and Light-Up Drumsticks, also called Illuminating Drumsticks. Need sticks to show off? Check out our Twirling Drumsticks. They do the drumsticks twirling for you! If that wasn’t everything, we also have colorful drum mallets, colored drumsticks and AWESOME electric drumsticks that light up. Have you seen our GLOW-in-the-DARK drumsticks? They’re more durable than the electric sticks and last twice as long. And if you need a gag gift for your drummer, our giant sticks always make them smile! Find cheap drumsticks or custom logo sticks in our bulk line. They’re great for practicing. When you use cheap sticks for when you’re practicing, you’re saving your professional drumsticks for the gigs and saving money! Get them imprinted with your logo or band name and you can also sell them on your band’s merch table.

What have we left out? Well, we also have Neon Drumsticks, American Flag DrumSticks, Metal Practice Sticks and even Kid’s Drumsticks for the children out there that want to play drums. Then there are the Twirl Drumsticks that make it look like you’re actually twirling yourself. We even have Rainbow DrumSticks, Digital Drumsticks, No-name Drum Sticks and solid Black Drumsticks. Need to get your groove on? How about some Groovesticks? Heck, we’ve even got drumsticks for Christians, appropriately named, “Fishstix”. So, you won’t find every type of signature drumstick here from famous drummers but you will find some really unique items like custom drumsticks with their name to be engraved or imprinted. You’ll also find bulk drumsticks and wholesale drumsticks for larger groups or corporate events. Drum Bum has sold to some of the top brands out there from Hard Rock Hotels to the Blue Man Group. Call us at 1-800-DRUM BUM for more information on custom or wholesale bulk ordering. We can provide promotional drumsticks for your corporate event or at the least, information on going about buying promo drumsticks that need imprinting or personalization. If you need custom made drumsticks, you’ve come to the right place. Design your own or we can simply engrave your name or imprint your company logo. Are you an engraver or printer that needs sticks for supply? We sell blank drumsticks too! Now in business for 25 years, brands put their trust in Drum Bum to deliver.

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