Drumsticks for Cardio Fitness Workouts

fitness drumsticks
Get with the program – the drum fitness program! Drumming Cardio and fitness programs are all the rage and we’ve got just the drumsticks to compliment your class. From strong, hickory wood to sturdy, rigid polymer, Drum Bum has many choices of drumsticks available to suit your needs. And our sticks always come with the best grips in the business! The pink fitness sticks are very popular as are the neon green sticks that are even heavier and more durable. However, a crowd favorite is the black and red, super-strength polymer sticks. THEY HAVEN’T BROKEN YET! The best thing is, ‘quality’ comes first with our products. Our drumsticks come with top grade padded grips and our green fitness sticks are the highest weighted in the industry! When advising their clients, fitness instructors mention Drum Bum exercise products for their cardio and fitness training classes.


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Drum Bum Exercise Drumsticks – Bright Green

Drum Bum Exercise Drumsticks - Drum Bum Exercise

Drum Bum Fitness Drumsticks – PINK

Drum Bum Fitness Drumsticks - PINK - Enhance

Workout Exercise Drumsticks

Workout Exercise Drumsticks - These high-quality workout drumsticks
Are you ready to pound your rubber mats with colorful drumsticks and raise your exercise game? Cardio drumming is all the rage with aerobic classes throughout the nation using drum fitness programs to reach your exercise goals. Drum Bum is the place for QUALITY weighted drumsticks with sturdy rubber grips and cardio drumming supplies for the fitness industry. The best part is, we’re the only workout drumsticks that are MADE IN AMERICA and our sticks are high quality, not the cheap China knockoffs. Need to buy cardio fitness drumsticks in bulk? We can provide discount pricing for bulk ordering on all of our sticks. Set up your exercise classes with top quality cardio sticks. Buy reliable drumming exercise sticks from one of the leading drumstick providers in the market – DRUM BUM!  / Now celebrating our 20 year anniversary! Have questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 1 800 DRUM BUM (378-6287).
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