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Mike DonovanMike Donovan
Richmond, VA

Mike Donovan is a career professional in the world of drumming. He has played in hundreds of bands through the years including some famous names such as Lee Greenwood, Faith Hill, John Berry and others. He is the proprietor of popular gift websites such as DrumBum.com and BuyGifts.com.com as well as drumming sites like Drumming.com, DrumTips.com, DrumRudiments.com, DrumChat.com and more. His life philosophy centers around the Golden Rule and he is proud to run his company and his personal life according to this principle.

His Story
Mike has been playing drums for over 40 years. He started in 1975 when he was 13 years old. His father was a steel guitar player and Mike played in several country bands with him before eventually moving on to rock, R&B, and jazz.

While playing in numerous bands over the years, the natural progression of wanting to be versatile and competitive eventually led Mike to a world famous school in Hollywood, CA by the name of Musician’s Institute (P.I.T.). It was there that he received an honors degree in percussion performance.

pearl drumset

Mike’s setup at a drum clinic in 2004.

From 1987 to 1993 Mike played in local rock groups, BS&M and Sketch as well as numerous jazz groups such as the Skip Gailes Quartet, Frens, and a fusion band by the name of Secrets that made quite a name for itself on the east coast. Many name players filtered through Secrets including Steve Wilson, Carter Beauford, Keith Horne and Tim Reynolds. The next couple of years were eventful as they played esteemed jazz venues and opened for such acts as Stanley Jordan, and The Yellowjackets.

In 1992 Mike Donovan moved to Nashville to pursue a major artist gig. He landed the drum chair with legend, Lee Greenwood (“I’m proud to be an American”) as well as subbing for other major artists like Faith Hill and John Berry as well as Earl Thomas Conley, Vicki Bird, Denny Jiosa, The Cox Family and others. He experienced playing major arenas, political conventions, Las Vegas, and numerous TV shows within that time.

Mike and his wife decided to move back home in 1996 to start a family. He opened Drum Bum in 1999 and built an impressive network of drumming sites and gift sites over the next 18 years. Mike also buys and sells domains and teaches other businesses online marketing, all under the umbrella of Kincal Enterprises (named after his daughters Kinsey and Callie). He continues to freelance on drums and build new business ventures. His greatest joy is spending time with his kids and drumming up support for a better world.

The Golden Rule is at the heart of his business decisions, how he trains his staff and how he treats his customers.


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2 days ago

Drum Bum, Inc.

Too funny!

This looks staged to me. Either way, it’s hilarious! 😂

#drums #drummers #drumming


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Covering up bad singers with loud drumming is a responsibility I take very seriously.

This is why you don’t cage a drummer. 😂😂😂

The drummer is not even paying attention to what’s going on. It looks more like a power Trip being the most annoying in the room.

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1 week ago

Drum Bum, Inc.

What is the kit you have had for the longest time?



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They’re talking about this at DrumChat…


I have had this DW kit since 2000 and still looks and sounds great.

1973 blue sparkle Gretsch, bought used in 1977.

Current kit PDP X7 maple bought them in 2011.

Sonor Force 2001

Pearl DLX in Wine Red,deep toms 24" Bass,I bought them brand new in the 80s I love them

Umm, my only kit I ever owned. Pearl session series. Mid 90’s . I have had it about 21 years

My original 60’s or 70’s (bought in 1985) Ludwig kit that was retired for more than 3 decades is finally back on stage again this year.

Just sold my 1984 Yamaha Stage Series. I bought it new…

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolutes

My PDP M5 kit had it since my late 30s. I’m now 45. One day like to upgrade to a DW

Ludwig 77/78 Maple, Super Sensitive Snare, Zildjian Cymbals

Pearl Session Elite 7pc Pacific Blue, since 1995!

Started off in 82 with a Torodor then in 94 got an 85 Pearl Export (original hardware) that I still play.

I’ve had this 67 Ludwig kit since 1974.

Tame Swingstar since 1983 – still serving me well!

1960’s 70’s Ludwig w/super sensitive snare.

1973 Rogers Kit

Had this 50s premier since about 1984. Recently cleaned it up and gigged it

Tama FiberStar 1980–2004

Green vistalite, 72 still, doing gigs with them

6 piece Pearl Export Series

1964 Pearl. 1978-present
1985 pearl ex. 1985-2003
2002 Gretsch cat. 2002-present

Tama superstar but I want a dw

My stage kit. 14 piece Ludwig Maple Classic.

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3 weeks ago

Drum Bum, Inc.

Do you have an ’emergency parts’ kit for your drums?

#drumbum #deals #sale #drums #drummers #drumming

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