Drum Bum is the place for music themed gifts! From unique gifts for students and teachers to cool music accessories for fellow band members and musicians, we’ve got you covered. Find just the right gift for your band mate whether they’re a pianist, guitar or violin player. Are they simply a passionate music lover? Do they like rock music? How about a Bruce Springsteen art print or maybe some nice marble coasters with a musical theme? Don’t forget to use our search box for the best results as we have over 2000 music gifts to choose from.

If you’re looking for music gifts for guitar players, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the choices we have. From T-shirts to clocks to the ever popular “guitar zone” sign, you’re sure to find something very unique. Have a boyfriend or husband who plays the guitar? We’ve got something for them. Or maybe your sister or aunt plays music or takes guitar lessons. Consider a wonderful necklace or guitar picture frame. It doesn’t matter whether they play acoustic classical guitar or blaring electric guitar in a rock band. Drum Bum is the place for musical gifts for guitar players and all musicians no matter what instrument they play!

We have music gifts for piano players! Don’t let the name “Drum Bum” fool you. We have tons of stuff for piano players too. Whether it be personalized music gifts for students, teachers or just a gift for the music lover in your life that dabbles with piano or keyboard, we can fix you up. Choose from hats, scarves, bracelets or decorative household items with a music theme. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend that plays music and you want to get them something affordable? Try our piano pencil boxes, or maybe something practical like the piano briefcase that can accommodate their sheet music and lessons for the day.

Since 1999, Drum Bum has been bringing you some of the most unique music gifts on the market. We started with drummer gifts as that part of the industry wasn’t being represented at the time. After a few years, we started offering music themed gift ideas for all all music lovers and musicians from guitar players to piano players to singers. We now feature over 2500 unique products and we’re still growing! At Drum Bum, you don’t just get cool gift products to pick from, you get some of the best customer service in the industry. We receive ongoing compliments about the friendliness of our employees and and our quick turnaround time. With the exception of the occasional drop ship item or personalized drumsticks and so forth where we use a third party, most everything else we stock in our warehouse in Richmond, VA. That means we can generally ship pretty fast so you get your music gifts in a timely manner.

What will you find at Drum Bum? T-shirts, hats, stickers, posters, keychains and all kinds of unique gifts for music lovers! We’ve got sturdy music figurines, cool ties, rock art, home decor with a music theme and even personalized music gifts for musicians. Are you looking for musical accessories for a teacher or student? We carry some of that too. You’ll find anything from popular guitar string lubricant to piano polish to spare drum keys for the drummer. And how about those little guys who aspire to play rock and roll like dad? Check out our popular kid’s drumsets and percussion as well as toy pianos and starter guitars for children. If you ever have trouble finding the right musician gift, consider a gift certificate. That way, they can shop themselves and pick out that perfect gift that suits just them. The search box is the best method for finding just the right musical gift, but if you ever need extra assistance, feel free to call us anytime at 1-800-DRUM BUM (378-6286).

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