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Accessory Box for Drumset – This Accessory Box will finally allow drummers and all musicians to have the music stand storage they have needed. It will hold all the supplies and accessories (such as pencils, tuning keys, metronomes, cleaning supplies, ear plugs, gum… you name it) you have to have – and at a “no-reach required” convenient location, right below the by the drumset or music stand desk. In addition it has a built-in holder for your water bottle or cup, as well. The unit’s hanger is designed to fit on most music stands and smaller drum stands and provides a securely fitting container unequaled in accessibility and convenience. This accessory box unit can be installed in an instant and removed just as easily. A wonderful gift for drummers or any musician. Approx. 10″ x 6″ x 2.5″. (Accessory Box only, items not included.)

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