Artistic Drumsticks – Drumsticks with Cool Artwork Designs! These colorful drum sticks feature several awesome designs that drummers everywhere will love. You won’t find better specialty drumsticks on the market. Available in the following permanent, full color styles: Tribal Skull; Money; Flaming Skull; Bikini Girl; Leopard; Dragon; Snakeskin; Tigerdelic; Union Jack; Widowmaker; and Rainbow Skull (not pictured). These sticks are extremely well-made and durable. Drumsticks are “wrapped”, not painted, so they do not chip as easily as other design drum sticks. Available in size 5A only. Made from premium, USA Hickory. 1 pair of drum sticks with nylon tips.

Awesome Artistic Drumsticks at DRUM BUM!

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Dragon, Flaming skull, Leopard, Money, Rainbow skull, Snakeskin, Tigerdelic, Tribal skull, Union Jack, Widowmaker

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