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Blues Drums Method Book / CD – An Essential Study of Blues Drums for the Beginning-Advanced Player – Blues Drums, within the School of the Blues Lesson Series, contains over 250 examples of blues drum patterns and technique-building exercises! Subjects covered in this book are: The History of Blues Drumming; Choosing Your Instrument and Getting Your Sound; Drum Exercises for Development of Technique (Sticking and foot patterns specific to playing blues); Blues Shuffles & Swing Beats, Slow Blues, Ballads and the infamous Blues Triplet Groove (12/8 Time); Blues Rhumba, Calypso Beats and Samba Feel; Two-Beat/Cut Time; Early Rock ænÆ Roll and Surf Beats; New Orleans, Soul and Funk Influences; and Build-ups & Drum Fills. This drum lessons book is accompanied by a CD recording of all examples played on the drums with the backing of the “School of the Blues” All-Star Band. It is recommended that you also purchase Blues Drums Play-Along Trax to have full-length play-along trax for you to apply what you learn in this great blues drum book. Softcover Book approx. 8″ x 11″ and 56 pages.

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