Bounce Drum Practice Pad – If you are looking for an quality drum practice pad with the feel of playing on an actual drum, then the Bounce Drum Practice Pad is exactly what you need! This practice pad is made from specially selected neoprene which provides an active playing surface for the truest and most accurate response of any other drum pad. The Bounce Drum Practice Pad will help improve the timing and precision of your drumming. Even playing quietly, each stroke is articulated and audible. Drummers can take it with them anywhere so they can keep drumming even if they are away from their drumset. It’s not only fun, but also quiet as well! No drummer should be without a practice pad. Includes: Free pair of 5A drumsticks, rudiment sheet, and warm-up exercises / tuning tips sheets. Approx. 12″ diameter.  Shipping to Contiguous USA only.








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