Brick of Drumsticks – 5A – You thought our price for 1 pair of 5A Drumsticks was a bargain? Save even more by buying 6 pair of at a time! Our On Stage brand sticks are strong, sturdy drum sticks that have been air kiln dried, shaped, sanded, and sealed for quality.  5A drumsticks are the most popular in the world and hickory wood is among the most durable and reliable for drummers. Stop paying outrageous prices for drumsticks. Buy 6 at a time (a brick) and save!  / This sale includes 6 pairs of 5A, hickory drumsticks.

Bargain Price – Only $3.33 a pair!

Unique Drumsticks at DRUM BUM!

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34 in stock



34 in stock

More on Hickory Drumsticks

One reason hickory is desired among drummers is because of its strength. Hickory is particularly hard, strong, and shock resistant.

Hickory wood color varies relative to where the wood originated from in the tree. The outer edges of the wood will be a lighter color while a darker appearance occurs if the sticks are cut from the inner part of the tree.

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