Bridgecraft Drum Set – 12″ – This little drumset packs a punch and blows other “cheap” brands out of the market! A quality drumset at a reasonable price is just what your budding young drummer needs to start drumming! With this popular 3 piece drumset, designed with detail to emulate an adult drumset but on a smaller scale, kids will be banging out cool rhythms in no time. This small child drumset by Bridgecraft features a 12″ bass drum, 8″ snare drum with holder, 8″ tom tom with holder, 8″ cymbal with holder, solid metal drum hardware, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, drum seat, tuning key and real “tunable” drumheads! It even has “real wood drum shells” for added durability unlike many other kid’s drumsets that have plastic shells. Great for kids ages 3 to 6 and available in 6 AWESOME COLORS! – Black; Metallic Blue; Metallic Green; Metallic Red; Metallic Silver; and Pink. Some assembly is required for this child drum kit. – Full 1 Year Warranty!


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Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver

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