This Customer Service Rep Mug is the perfect gift for the CSR who is a coffee or tea drinker! The mug features a colorful design with a clever saying that customer service reps everywhere will relate with. There is also a similar miniature design on the inside of the mug! The mug is made from fine porcelain and is microwave and dishwasher safe. This product normally ships within 1-2 business days. Approx. 4″ H.

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154 in stock

Customer service jobs are popular and plentiful. Types of jobs that incorporate csr customer service positions are inbound and outbound call centers, insurance customer service reps, those that work in banks, appliance centers, manufacturer warranty centers, senior citizen care, technical support for computers or computer software, healthcare csrs, public safety jobs, government related customer service reps, phone operators in call centers for phone companies, travel industry customer reps for the airlines, flights, hotels and rental cars, support for shipping companies, tech companies and tons of different service related jobs that require someone to be on the phone assisting customers with information or issues related to their service or product. This customer service mug would make the perfect, unique gift product for any of the above!

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