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Djembe Drum – African Scenes – This beautiful Djembe drum features hand-painted artwork on a colorful green background. The perfect addition to any hand percussionists collection! A colorful hand made drum that makes a great conversation piece. Perfect accent for any living room, studio or drum room. The unique djembe drum features picturesque giraffes in a jungle setting. Authentic animal skin drum head. Imported from Indonesia. Each piece is unique. Size approx. 12″ H x 7″ W at the top.  Shipping to Contiguous USA only.

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Djembe drums are one of the most popular hand drums in America. Distinct in their sound, they’re fun to play and provide hours of musical satisfaction from amateur musician to pro. You can play the drum in a park with a drumming jam session or you can accentuate a band with percussion sounds via your djembe drum and other percussive accessories and drums like the conga, cowbell, tambourine, shakers and anything that provide textual coloring to the song.

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