Drum Bum Fitness Drumsticks – PINK – “I first noticed the quality”, said one of our customers. Enhance your workout with Drum Bum Fitness Drumsticks! These heavy-duty drum sticks feature soft, comfort grips for easier handling and provide the ideal amount of weight resistance to enhance your aerobic workout! Each stick weighs approx. 3 oz. Made with strong hickory wood. These sticks are great for cardio drumming workouts and other aerobic, exercise fitness programs that use the drumming concept. A DRUM BUM exclusive! See our other weighted, fitness drumsticks!

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Are you taking cardio drumming classes or fitness classes that utilized drumming as a means for aerobic exercise? Cardio drumming is all the rage and there’s nothing like a good, solid set of drumsticks that are strong and reliable for your classes. Our sticks are made in the USA and designed with ‘QUALITY’ in mind. The soft grips are thick and noticeably stand out among the others on the market that are often really thin and cheap. You get what you pay for and the same holds true with the type of sticks you buy for your cardio classes. Drum Bum cardio drumsticks are the best and most reliable in the industry.

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