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Drum Bum Mini Practice Pad*CLEARANCE! Remember the old joke about a driver stopping a pedestrian in New York and asking him how to get to Carnegie Hall? His answer was “Practice!” Similarly, that’s how you become, not just a mediocre drummer but a great one! The drawback to full size practice pads is that they can be a bit bulky and less mobile. The new DRUM BUM mini practice pad can be tucked away in any carry bag or suitcase or drumstick bag and it takes very little room. Pull it out any time while you’re at the office or on vacation to get some quick practicing in. It’s non-slip back sticks to virtually any surface without leaving residue. Enthusiastically recommended for students by professional drummers and teachers, this compact pad is the perfect pad for drummers on the go that vow to practice wherever and whenever they can. The Drum Bum Mini Practice Pad is 4″ long, 3″ wide, and 1/4 of an inch thick.

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