Drum Lite- Bass Drum Light – DonÆt want to go all out just yet with the full Drumset Lite Kit? These LED bass drum lights are a great way to get started with an LED drum lighting system! Using the same technology that Drum Lite kits use, Bass Drum Lights are an affordable LED drum lighting package for your bass drum! No need to search for the best quality parts, no hassle trying to figure out wiring, and no need to spend thousands of dollars for someone else to install it.

All Drum Lite kits feature quick plug ænÆ play setup. No soldering. No drilling. No cutting. Simply install the adhesive-backed LED drum light strips on the inside of your drum shell (acrylic or wood) and run the cables through your drumÆs air vent hole. Make a few quick connections and youÆre ready to go! Your bass drum will be lighted! The 24 button, 4 function wireless remote allows you to change the color, pattern, and intensity for unlimited drum lighting effects! Available in 20″, 22″ and 24″.

Bass Drum Lite Includes:
1) Bass drum double LED strip
1) SoloKick snake (cable and connector)
1) wireless controller
1) power supply

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