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Drum Mat Marker Pack – Every drummer knows that setting up his or her drumset the same way each time is a frustrating challenge. Well, that task just got much, much easier with this Drum Mat Marker Pack! These Drum Mat Markers make set-up easy, efficient, and quick. The markers feature Velcro backing for sturdy yet simple placement and adjustments as needed on your drum mat. Each marker has a corresponding number that allows drum set set-up to be consistent every time! The Drum Mat Marker Pack includes thirty drum stand feet marker rings that are numbered 1 to 10 (3 for each stand up to 10 stands) with ten stand marker strips to match the feet marker rings. Also included are markers for the bass drum and hi-hats. With these Drum Mat Markers you will have your drum set exactly how you want for all of your gigs! Great for any and all drum sets. Pack contains 44 pieces.

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