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Drum Stick Grips – Introducing the most advanced drum stick grip in the world! These Drum Stick Grips feature a Built-In Vibration Reduction System which reduces hand fatigue and allows you to play your drums longer and faster. Also, unlike gloves or stick wraps, the Drum Stick Grips maintain stick sensitivity on cymbals and drums. They are made from firm rubber that is reusable, ergonomic, thin, and lightweight. The Drum Stick Grips enhance stick control as well as pivot point and can be aligned with the wood grain which drastically reduces stick breakages. Designed for all types of matched grip playing. Drum Stick Grips stretch fit onto 7A-2B sticks. They stay in place but can be easily moved if needed. Set of two drumstick grips.

Unique Accessories for Drummers at DRUM BUM!

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Out of stock

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