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Impact Noise Reducers, Ear Plugs – Impact noise reducers actually improve listening pleasure while minimizing discomfort from loud music. The innovative design of the impact noise reducing earplugs features a silicone mini-diaphragm that allows normal sounds and conversation to be heard while protecting hearing from loud impact sounds. Reduces sound by 18 decibels. Soft silicone rubber cushions for comfort and eliminates the “plugged-up” feeling other earplugs can cause. Two earplugs with plastic case.

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More about Impact Noise Reducers: 

  • Special-purpose hearing protectors designed to allow low level sounds, improves listening pleasure
  • Eliminates ‘plugged up’ feeling
  • Reduces discomfort from loud impact music

For over 35 years Acu-Life has designed and developed self-care products that positively impact the lives of people throughout the world.

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