Extreme Isolation Headphones

Extreme Isolation Headphones by Direct Sound – Specially designed by a studio drummer, the Extreme Isolation Headphones are the best of the best for both stage and studio use! These headphones feature expertly crafted earmuffs that reduce sound by 28 decibels and come with a custom fitted, high quality speaker assembly. Help protect your ears from unnecessary damage while improving your recording and performing! Besides sound systems and stereo systems, you can even plug these Extreme Isolation headphones into a portable CD player or MP3 player to hear your practice music or recorded tracks like never before while still being able to hear and feel the sound pressure from your drums. The headphones fold for easy storage. Convenient dual cords worn behind head. A 0.125″ to 0.25″ adapter is included with each set of headphones. 9′ cord. Black headphones. 1 year warranty. Made in the USA.

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This product has been discontinued.

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