Getting More Gigs Musician’s BookThe Perfect Gift for Any Working Musician! This business of getting more music gigs doesn’t just happen. Musicians have to make it happen. Despite a myriad of convenient excuses to choose from – the economy is off, money is tight, unemployment is high, not as many clubs are hiring, budget cuts mean fewer corporate gigs – there are always some musicians who do exceptionally well and work constantly, regardless of the month, year, season, economy or their location.

This is a collection of Bob Popyk’s most talked-about columns from International Musician magazine. The Business of Getting More Gigs as a Professional Musician will clue you in to what the musicians mentioned above already know and do. Covering in detail topics such as attitude, gig etiquette, music business basics, money and diversifying, Popyk gives practical pointers to help you have a plan, network effectively, promote your assets, and market yourself as a musician constantly. He points out the need to treat gig-seeking like a business, and take it just as seriously. Musicians who take his advice will soon be well on their way to more and better-paying gigs. Softcover Book approx. 6″ x 9″ and 144 pages.

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