Groove Essentials Play Along Book/CD – Represents a next-generation play-along drums package and a quantum leap over anything else previously available in this vein with over 6 hours of music, including 47 drum grooves and feels from all over the world û most in two tempos û 88 tracks in all, truly professional sketch charts and incisive text by Tommy Igoe himself. An interactive groove experience for all level drummers with rhythm tracks that feature some of the top musicians of NYC. Works in conjunction with the best-selling Groove Essentials DVD.

For beginning drummers: simple rock beats with a real band feel; for intermediate drummers: syncopated, 16th-note grooves as well as jazz/swing feels; for advanced drummers: challenging world drumming grooves, as well as jazz shuffles, jazz waltzes and R&B drum feels. Additionally, you’ll find 3 ôGlobal Tourö tracks that are 15-minute journeys through all the grooves and feels you’ve learned.

The CD features all of the rhythm tracks in MP3 format, so that they can be downloaded into your computer (MAC or PC) and moved to your iPod«, or any portable MP3 player. This incredible drums disc is also playable in all MP3-capable CD and DVD players. Softcover Book approx. 9″ x 12″ and 128 pages.

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