Hinge Stix Practice Drumsticks

Hinge Stix Practice Drumsticks*CLEARANCE! Perfect for beginner drummers, the versatile Hinge Stix enable drummers to feel the rebound, develop finger technique, understand the fulcrum, hold the stick properly, and feel the whipping motion of the Moeller technique. An ideal product for teachers of drum lessons as well as individual drummers themselves that wish to better their hand technique. Hinge Stix Practice Drumsticks simulate a loose grip, so they are also useful in countering the effects of sore muscles which is a result of holding drum sticks too tightly over a long period of time. The Hinge Stix come with three different positions so they can fit every drummer comfortably. The side plastic pads have to be unscrewed and taken off if you want to move them to a different hole location. Available in sizes 5A and SD1. Approx. 16″ L.

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This product has been discontinued.

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